Tuesday, July 08, 2008

All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I'm fine.

I ... uh ... have this friend ... who watched this past season of the Bachelorette.

He just has to say that he never saw the past 2 episodes coming.

It was shocking that Graham was cut and didn't make the final 3, but you could see how that was his own fault. The final rose, or at least a trip to the finals, was his to lose.

But Jeremy not making the final 2? Wow, I couldn't believe he was beat out by Jesse. Yeah, Jesse the rad snowboarder. Jeremy was my guy from the beginning, so I ... uh my friend was already getting concerned.

But Jesse beating Jason for the final rose and engagement? Who would have seen that coming? I couldn't believe he made it into the top 12 and figured he was just around for comic relief.

Either it's me ... uh ... either my friend just doesn't understand women or Deana was much less predictable than expected.

Well, congratulations, Jesse & Deana. Knucks ... explode it with a view toward May 9, 2009.



At 08 July, 2008 10:47, Blogger Oilcan said...

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Dude, Gunny, I am seriously concerned about your effeminatization via the wife - I presume you watched it with the wife.

Instead of The Bachelorette, you should be like me and watch the more masculine show Farmer Wants a Wife. I had to watch it with my wife, but at least there were tractors and trucks. Plus, more importantly, there were more girls and less dudes.

Bud, I'm just saying. I know we have to take one for the team (marriage) in order to build up a surplus of entertainment hours with the wife to be depleted during football season, but what else can we do until the next season of American Idol?

At 08 July, 2008 13:32, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG, I about died laughing when I saw that you posted about "The Bachelorette". I love that show - mainly because I love shows that depict people relating to other people and (hopefully) working past their own personal issues to achieve a goal.

I loved what Deanna said last night (after the rose ceremony). She learned things about herself that she never dreamed....and as she got to know Jesse...she began to see other parts of her life that were, perhaps, a little superficial.

Regarding Jeremy, my thoughts on this are that while in the beginning Deanna was probably a little more interested in a glamorous and comfortable life - she began to realize that it's not all about the money, the big house, etc. I mean, Jesse's house was definately the "least glam" of them all.

I thought for sure she would have chosen Jason....and as unChristlike as this will sound...I think Graham was a "putz"...ha! ha!

At 08 July, 2008 17:26, Blogger GUNNY said...

Watching TV with the wife. Isn't that a case of "You're here and I'm here, so doesn't that make it OUR time."?

Uh ... I talked with my friend again and he said at least he's not watching Grey's Anatomy and all that other slooge.

But, he does heed Oilcan's caution and wonders if ground has been lost and if miles will be taken now that inches have been given.

However, he has little hope that his wife will watch the Cowboys in HD with him, but watching them alone is not the worst thing in the world.



I know! The whole time I was thinking, "C'mon, that Graham is the epitome of a sloogey boy! What's the appeal?!"

That was a VERY telling comment about learning about herself and what she wanted and who she was, etc.

Didn't you find it odd that when the lads walked up she didn't go into her spiel as is customary, but let them start up conversation instead. I'm thinking that's why Jason was tender. Still, you gotta love his resilience, thinking the 3rd times a charm.

Uh ... at least, that's what I would say, had I been watching the Bachelorette and the Bachelor the previous season where I was rooting for Shayne all the way to wind up with Matt or the Brad Womack season of the Bachelor, etc.

I mean, really, after Brad said, "I just sent Jenny home" weren't you thinking, "Wow, DeAnna wins!"?

I saw that and I was like, "Hey, bud, let's party!"

At 11 July, 2008 09:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on, Gunny! And I think Jason should be the next "Bachelor"...ha! ha!


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