Saturday, March 03, 2007

There's more to life than watching other people live it.

Previously, I mentioned America's fascination with Hitler, publishing and buying books even dealing with the love life of this mass muderer.

This may be a bit of an American phenomenon, peculiar interest in the lives of famous people. I couldn't get out of the grocery store yesterday without having to pass "literature" bringing me up to speed on the love lives of Brit, Brad, et al. Was Anna Nicole's death related to a love gone bad? Who knows? Is that really his baby? Enquiring minds want to know ... but not so much mine.

We're such a voyeuristic culture (see myriad of "reality" shows), aren't we?

I don't intend to denigrate these celebrities, for they may be very nice people with lots to offer, but isn't our fascination with the details of their lives strikingly unhealthy?

Are people that dissatisfied in their own lives that they have to live vicariously through others? Are they lacking joy? Are they wasting their lives, seeing their own as insignificant? God gave it to you, to be used for His glory, so don't waste your life.

Being distracted from one's one lack of scene control by focusing on the ups and downs of others doesn't help our own, though it make take our minds off our own troubles. But, just like with drugs, while they may help take the edge off, our problems don't improve, but tend to get worse due to neglect.

Folks need to handle up on their business, lest their business handle up on them.

Is life passing them by as they watch others live theirs? There's more to life than watching other peole live it.


At 05 March, 2007 18:43, Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

great truth and hey thanks for stoppin by at my humble come agin !!


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