Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Callin' it your "job" don't make it right, boss.

7 quotes from "Touching Sensitive Areas, or TSA For Short" by Doug Wilson. (HT Ron H)
  • "I do not say this as one who believes that the radical Muslim threat is tiny. I think that I actually take it more seriously that our government does. If they were worried about terrorists, they would be looking for terrorists, and not for my nail clippers. Their procedures are risible, their hubris astounding, their reasons justifying that hubris minimal, and their folly incandescent."
  • "We are being told that we must surrender some of our liberties because we are in a war on terror. I see. And when is this war likely to end, and will we, or our grandchildren, or great grandchildren, get our liberties back at that time? Ah, I thought not."
  • "Some might object that my invocation of Orwell above is overblown, but if Orwell were to come back now, what do you think he would be more shocked by -- the number of cameras all over the UK or the number of people who had read his book and yet did not see any connection?"
  • "So then, let's talk about political correctness and sexuality for a moment. As it stands, the ladies are patted down by women, and the men by men. Could we agree then, that lesbians and homosexual men ought to pat down nobody?"
  • "Not satisfied with having their panties in a wad, they are now trying to help us rearrange our panties. There needs to be a way for a civilized people to say, 'Back off, perv,' and not have to then worry about being frogmarched out of the airport, and fined for maintaining your decency."
  • "We need to spend all that money on hunting terrorists. We should be looking for certain kinds of people, not certain kinds of objects."
  • "When they are done securing our liberties, we can all rest easy. The radical Muslims can never get at our liberties now. We don't have them anymore. Our liberties are in a box in a TSA warehouse, along with 10,000 nail clippers."

Please read the whole article here.

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At 09 December, 2010 23:04, Anonymous Glenn K. said...

Cool Hand Luke again...What a great movie. Paul Newman was unforgetable!


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