Monday, November 29, 2010

To get anything of value, you have to sacrifice.

In a sermon from Matthew 10:16-31, John Piper suggests 6 costs and 10 blessings of frontier* missions.

6 Costs of Frontier Missions:
  1. The cost of being arrested by authorities. (10:16-18)
  2. The cost of family betrayal. (10:21)
  3. The cost of being hated by all. (10:22)
  4. The cost of being persecuted and driven out of town. (10:23)
  5. The cost of being maligned. (10:25b)
  6. The cost of being killed. (10:28)
"For two thousand years, thousands of missionaries—unnamed people of whom the world is not worthy—have counted this cost and put their lives at risk to reach the lost with the only message of salvation in the world. And the reason they could do this is because the blessings so outweigh the costs."

10 Blessings of Frontier Missions:
  1. The blessing of being sent by Christ. (10:16)
  2. The blessing of being given words by the Spirit of God. (10:19-20)
  3. The blessing of experiencing God’s fatherly care. (10:20b)
  4. The blessing of salvation at the end of it all. (10:22b)
  5. The blessing of knowing that the Son of Man is coming in judgment and mercy. (10:23b)
  6. The blessing of belonging to Jesus’ household. (10:25b)
  7. The blessing of knowing that the truth will triumph. (10:26)
  8. The blessing of having an immortal soul. (10:28)
  9. The blessing of having a heavenly Father who sovereignly rules the smallest details of life. (10:29)
  10. The blessing of being valued by God. (10:31)
  • Listen, download, or read the entire sermon here.
*"Frontier missions is crossing a culture to plant the church where the gospel has not already taken root. This is the mandate that is still valid for us today. The job is not done. And the word of our risen king Jesus is binding on us today as much as when he first gave it."



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