Wednesday, November 03, 2010

But you can't latch the hood too well, if you don't take the can out, you no-selling waste of space!

This was my lesson in an adult Sunday school class recently dealing with hindering your prayers. These are not things which will keep you from prayer; that's another show. I'm talking about people who pray, but their prayers are self-destructing.

9 Potential Hindrances to Your Prayers:
  1. Trinitarian Confusion
  2. Cherishing Sin (Ps 66:18)
  3. Defiance of God’s precepts (Prov 15:29; 28:9)
  4. Trying to Impress Others (Matt 6:5)
  5. Unwillingness to Forgive Others (Mark 11:25)
  6. Pride (Luke 18:9-14)
  7. Doubting God (James 1:5-7)
  8. Satisfying Misguided Passions (James 4:3)
  9. Living Insensitively with Wife (1 Peter 3:7)




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