Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fear does not exist in this dojo, does it?!

Yes, the terrorists have already won.



At 23 November, 2010 14:40, Blogger Rev. said...

A lot of people are bringing up the privacy issues, and rightly so, but hardly anyone seems to be asking the following questions:

- How much did these machines cost taxpayers (in the midst of a budget deficit, etc.)?
- Who is supplying these machines?
- Is there a political connection to the supplier and any particular person in power?

If people begin to answer such questions, then the ire will increase. Just follow the rabbit trail...

At 24 November, 2010 12:06, Blogger Patricia said...


Me thinks you have been to the end of the Rabbit Hole. :+)

It is disgraceful what the TSA is putting America thru. Also as far as I know the TSA has not stopped 1 terrorist attack. Most of the 'suspicious activity or baggage' comes from other countries.

I agree the terrorist have won. Patricia

At 24 November, 2010 16:19, Blogger Oilcan said...

Some brilliant pundit on Fox News said it best:

We are looking for terrorism items, but we should be looking for terrorists.

It is maddening that the same secretary of homeland security that justifies the groping and oogling of the genitalia of our citizens in our airports also denies the right of Arizona law enforcement officers to simply check the i.d. of citizens, and more importantly, noncitizens.

By the way, we have to show our i.d.s at the airport to fly, and not even to trained law enforcement agents, but to TSA agents and even sloogey ticket clerks. I mean come on.

The terrorists have not won, but are winning, considering our TSA agents are obligated to give private citizens Abu Graib treatment.


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