Thursday, August 28, 2008

The plaque for the alternates is down in the ladies room.

Upon winning "Comment of the Week" on Monday, Lance asked, "Who's leading in the 'comment of week category'---me or Oilcan?"

So, I tallied up the results for 2008 thus far. At the end of the year, the one with the most "Comments of the Week" will win the gold medal and a prize. I don't know what that prize is just yet, but it will be good, very good. Suggestions? We will also award silver & bronze medals.

Current 2008 Standings:
6-Oilcan (1/21, 3/10, 5/25, 6/9, 7/7*, 7/21)
5-Timothy (1/28, 2/4, 5/5, 6/30, 7/28)
4-Lance (2/11, 4/28, 6/2, 8/25)
4-Rev (3/3, 3/24, 5/12, 6/16)
3-Kelly (6/23*, 7/14, 8/4)
3-Sean Crowe (5/19, 6/23*, 8/18)
2-Reepicheep (4/14, 8/11)
2-Lionel Woods (2/25, 7/7)
2-Chris Brauns (3/17, 3/31)
2-Mark T (1/14, 2/18)
1-etoc (4/21)
1-selahV (4/7)
1-Blackhaw (1/7)

* On 6/23 & 7/7 we had 2 comments that were so good they shared "Comment of the Week" honors.

(It should be noted, at least for bragging rights, that there were 4 "Comment of the Week" winners in December of 2007, including one by Lance (12/10) and Lionel Woods (12/31). Victories were also scored by Matthew Bradley (12/17) and Luke Bobo (12/24). As this will be a recurring annual award, it seemed best to limit the contest & prize to 2008, but that is to the detriment of Lance & Lionel Woods, even though those will count in the "all time" figures and toward Hall of Fame consideration.)

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At 28 August, 2008 14:00, Anonymous Chris said...

What can I say? I had a good March. But, Oilcan owned the summer. . .

At 28 August, 2008 15:04, Blogger Lance said...

I would quote French swimmers in planning to "smash" oilcan . . . but that didn't fare so well for them.

But he'd better watch his back.

At 28 August, 2008 15:13, Blogger brandi said...

suddenly i feel like nothing i say matters.

At 28 August, 2008 15:37, Blogger Oilcan said...

Hmmm, gold medalist - I am trying to picture my face on a Wheaties box.

I feel tremendous pressure to perform now with just a very tenuous 1-comment lead.

And, I have seen Lance in person - he has that eye of the tiger.

I better bring my A game for the rest of the year.

At 28 August, 2008 20:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I did not realize I was as far up on the list...and "quotable". Maybe I should consider a new career - writing speeches for presidential candidates! Or at least some clever one liners for them? :0

At 29 August, 2008 00:29, Blogger Reepicheep said...

The rankings smell funny. I'm probably the only one "clean" on the list. Have the others submitted a urine sample? I say they're all juiced!

At 29 August, 2008 07:37, Blogger Sean Crowe said...

Comments??? What are those? I thought I was signing up for the Cheese of the Month club.

At 29 August, 2008 09:02, Blogger Timothy said...

Allow me to be the first to take the Roger Clemens approach: I have not now, nor ever used steroids in my comments!

If Andy Pettitte shows up, he's lying! :)

At 29 August, 2008 15:22, Blogger GUNNY said...

Reepicheep wrote:
"Have the others submitted a urine sample? I say they're all juiced!"

I'm not here to talk about the past, but I did notice that Kelly was posting goose eggs and then hit for the cycle, scoring in each of the past 3 months. She went from puny blog reader to hulking home run hitter comment-wise.

She's at least sprinkling her comments with Andro.

Enjoy the fall, Oilcan, with that target painted on your back.

Lance, what's French for "I'm gonna get you, sucka"?

Sure, Timothy, and you never meant to bean Mike Piazza or throw the broken bat at him.

Chris, a good September and you're right back in it. 5 Mondays in September, you know. But it's tough to pull off back to back weeks. Apparently, it's never been done before.

Sean, it's cheddar this month, so keep checking your mail box.

Brandi, Hello. Hello? Are you there, caller? I'm sure you're tempted to forget 2008 and start training for 2009, for the competition is stiff. But don't give up just yet. Besides, it would be good training for next year.

At 29 August, 2008 16:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The increased blog activity and creativity must be the change in my Adderall dosage! (No, really....)!

At 29 August, 2008 18:13, Blogger Rev. said...

Oilcan and Timothy: You two really are cowboys.


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