Monday, August 25, 2008

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.

This, your toddler gots to see ... Pimp My Stroller. That ride is dope.

Read (Part 1, 2, and 3) John MacArthur on killing the sin in your life.

Read about the Frisco HOA hassling a man for wanting to park a new F-150 in the driveway. Apparently it's not classy enough. (HT Kelly)

Read about the firsts that would be accomplished if Joe Biden becomes Vice-President.

Read J. Wizzle's thoughts on Biden for VP ... thumbs down.

Read Reepicheep's thoughts on Biden for VP ... thumbs up.

Read about the blind Frenchman fined for drunk driving.

Read Debbie Kaufman's thoughts on expressions like "if we had not done ... then he/she wouldn't have come to Christ."

Read about the Italian priest organizing a beauty pageant for nuns.

Read Bishop Joe's Top 5 Reasons Youth Camps Are Bunk.

Read Rabbi Benji Magness' interview of Gunny regarding preaching.

Read Bob Kauflin's thoughts on what we (should) wear to worship God.

Read Eric Redmond's thoughts on John the Baptist's Relevance.

Check out Ray Fowler's Olympic Quick Takes, including some nostalgic video action.

Check out this warning label generator.

Read about the lesson in leadership Thomas White experienced during the chapel at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Kudos to Dr. Paige Patterson.

Read about the Bizarre Origins of 8 Wedding Traditions.

Check out some details (e.g., table of contents, first chapter, etc.) on the new book by Carrick, The Preaching of Jonathan Edwards.

Read about the bus confusion that landed an Arizona 6 year old boy in Mexico.

Check out an analysis of the favorite songs of Obama & McCain. (HT Brent Thomas)

Read about college presidents lobbying to have the drinking age lowered to 18. (HT Brent Thomas)

Read about the man who caught a record 21 lbs 1 oz catfish ... with his daughter's Barbie fishing rod.

Download for FREE the sermon series "In the World, but Not of the World" by Mahaney, Harris, and Kauflin. (HT Between Two Worlds)

Read about the man who has purchased a new Cadillac every year for the past 53 years.

Read Thabiti Anyabwile's answer to the following question: “How should a Christian relate to Old Testament laws?”

Scope out Rev's list of greatest games at Texas Stadium.

Read Anthony Bradley's contention that recycling is a myth for the gullible. "Recycling is emotional, not environmental."

Read about the teen who set his house on fire while trying to burn spiders. This could happen to me, so I guess this isn't that remarkable.

Read a list of 70 things to do before having children.

Read what Rick Warren really thinks about politics in this WSJ piece by Naomi Schaefer Riley. (HT Tim Challies)

Read about Japanese surrogate mother giving birth at age 61.

Check out Joe Thorn's questions for sermon hearers to solicit their candid feedback.

Match the professional sports teams with their prior names and locations.

Read CNN's report about the trend toward more modesty in young ladies' fashion. (HT Josh Harris)

Read about the Ohio 11th grader who got perfect scores on the ACT & SAT.

Read the Art of Spending Minutes to Save Hours.

Read about the stillborn baby that came back to life after being in the refrigerator.

Read the Meaning of Church Membership and Accountability from Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, where John Piper is pastor.

Read about the 85 year old armed woman who made her intruder call the police.

Read this edgy piece arguing against Obama's candidacy because the presidency is not an entry level position.

Comment of the Week:
"Is it true that when C-section babies leave a building, they exit through the window? Steven Wright says so, but I've not snoped it." (Lance)
Listen to yesterday's sermon at Providence Church on Philippians 4:8-9, "Get Your Mind Right."
"If there's anything unsettling to the stomach, it's watching actors on television talk about their personal lives."
-Marlon Brando



At 25 August, 2008 12:58, Anonymous Lance said...


(Who's leading in the "comment of week category"---me or Oilcan?)

[Personally I liked the fortune cookie comment more].

At 25 August, 2008 14:07, Blogger mi familia said...

I loved the story about the man catching that large catfish with his daughter's Barbie fishing pole.

Eight or so years ago I was at my cousin's farm riding around in his pick up and talking about the good old days. When we came up on his tank and decided to go fishing. There was one problem. When we looked behind the seat of his pick up, the only fishing pole we had was a Bugs Bunny pole that belonged to his 3 year old son. We also didnt have any bait.

Not to be deterred we decided to catch grasshoppers. If you grew up in the country, then you know that it isnt very hard to find grasshoppers in the middle of the summer in Texas. So that is what we did. We caught a milk jug full grasshoppers and started fishing.
It didnt take long to catch a bunch of perch with our little Bugs Bunny fishing rod which had 2 lb test line and a hook smaller than my little finger nail.
Right as we were getting to leave my cork went under and the drag started screaming.

I had a BIG UN'!

Im sure it was a sight to see my 6'6", 245 lb rear end running up and down the side of the tank, screaming louder than the drag (and probably screaming lounder than the little girl who owned the Barbie pole could have) trying to keep that cat that took my cork under from breaking my line.

After about 10 minutes of fighting that rascal I landed him. I have no idea how much he weighed. I know it wasnt in the 21 range but it was still big...maybe in the 8-10 lb range.

LOL...WOW what memories!!! My heart is racing now just thinking about it.

At 25 August, 2008 20:00, Blogger GUNNY said...

Lance, you actually had two comments that made the medal round this week. You've definitely been putting your foot on the gas and on Oilcan's neck.

Talk about getting served.

I'll have to go back and get the official tally, but an end of the year scoreboard is not out of the question.

I certainly think you're in medal contention and it may very well be for the gold at this point.

Regarding that fish story ...
Look at the size of that fish! He's straining just to hold it.

What most impressed me was the picture with that massive fish and that tiny, pink fishing rod.

That's a fisherman in my book. Anybody could catch such a fish with Big Bertha, but not so much with that one straight from the Barbie's jeep.

At 26 August, 2008 10:01, Blogger samurai said...

I have really got to limit myself to only 3 or 4 windows to follow up on when coming to your blogs on Mondays...

Thanks for sharing... :)

At 26 August, 2008 18:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great list this week! I'm actually still catching up on your list from last week (since I have been preoccupied the past 2 weeks with trying to write a book review on Stephen Mansfield's new book).

I have to admit - the blind, drunk Frenchman driving without a license is almost unbelieveable!

At 27 August, 2008 15:13, Blogger GUNNY said...

Kelly, normally it's "3 strikes, you're out."

But look a how stacked the deck is against this guy.

He's (1) French, (2) blind, (3), and (4) driving without a license!

At 27 August, 2008 19:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for linking to me Gunny. It is greatly appreciated.

At 28 August, 2008 13:11, Blogger GUNNY said...

Lance is presently tied for the bronze medal for the 2008 games.


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