Thursday, July 10, 2008

As the French say, that certain "I don't know what."

Among others, John Calvin would be celebrating his birthday today. Had his life not been prematurely cut off thanks to Adam's fall, he would be 499 today.

Next year, brother, the big 5-0-0!

(Read about upcoming celebrations.)

Perhaps my favorite Calvin quote:
"Man is never sufficiently touched and affected by the awareness of his lowly state until he has compared himself with God's majesty."
- John Calvin, Institutes of the Christian Religion, I.1.3

Happy Birthday to Jean Cauvin, my favorite French guy (he just had that je ne sais quoi) and the inspiration for one half of a great cartoon.


At 10 July, 2008 22:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, are my buddy and I the only ones considering a trip to Wittenburg in 2017 for the 500th anniversary of the 95 Theses? Or hey, why not a preemptive trip to Geneva next year? What do ya say? lol.

At 10 July, 2008 22:40, Blogger GUNNY said...

No lie, I was certainly thinkin', "Ain't no place I'd rather been on October 31st, 2017, than Wittenburg."

I hadn't thought about Geneva next year, but now that you mention it ...


At 11 July, 2008 07:57, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah bro, this made me laugh.


At 11 July, 2008 16:40, Anonymous Chris said...

That's a great quote. We cannot become humble by willing ourselves to do so. Only fixing ourselves completely on the majesty of Christ will do it.

See you next year in Geneva. Be there or be rectangular.

At 11 July, 2008 19:29, Blogger Rev. said...

See you in Wittenberg in 2017!

At 14 July, 2008 09:04, Anonymous Anonymous said...

there is a Calvin 500 HUGE program planned. Something like 20 speakers/lecturers, and day trips to important sites. It will cost you, how you say, bou coup francs, dollars, pounds, and pesos...It was looking something like in the 10k range for tiff and I. So we're just gonna read the book. take a bunch of good pics if you go.



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