Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Of my friend, I can only say this: Of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most . . . human.

I came across a list of "10 Movies It's Okay for Guys to Cry at." The list is all wrong, but I thought the concept was interesting.

Here are the movies it's okay for a man to cry while watching and still be considered a man (i.e., his Man Card is not put in jeopardy).

In no particular order ... The Top 20 Movies during which Men May Cry:

1. Old Yeller - This is beyond dispute. If fact, there's something wrong with you if you didn't cry when Old Yeller got shot.

2. Rocky II - When he says, "Yo, Adrian! I did it!" ... Niagra Falls, baby.

3. The Green Mile - Knowing the end of an innocent man.

4. Schindler's List - Many moments, of course.

5. Forrest Gump - When Forrest reads the letter at Jenny's grave ... oh yeah, touching.

6. The Champ - Little Ricky Schroeder crying, saying, "Wake him up, Jackie." Maybe it was because I was a kid, but that left quite an impression.

7. Where the Red Fern Grows - If you've seen it you know, especially if you're a dog lover.

8. One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest - Great movie and even greater book, but seeing what Chief does prior to his exit is quite moving.

9. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan - The touching scene between Kirk & Spock centered around sacrifice.

10. Men of honor - When DeNiro orders Cuba Gooding, Jr. to walk in his suit.

11. The Passion of the Christ - Never have I been so moved by a movie, especially one I could never watch again.

12. City of Angels - The end ... I won't spoil it for you, but it's good.

13. Excalibur - Being caught by the Lady of the Lake at the end.

14. The Mission - The ending, naturally.

15. Pay It Forward - The ending, of course.

16. Remember the Titans - When they win for their fallen teammate. One of the best movies of all time in its own right.

17. Family Man - Late at night when he ponders his last moments with his kids.

18. Butterfly Effect (Director's cut, not sloogey version) - How Devon brings about the end of the/his narrative.

19. Somewhere in Time - Richard Collier's departure and denouement.

20. ? ? ?

No offense to Oilcan, but An Officer and a Gentleman didn't make the list, nor did Terms of Endearment. Beyond that, I'm open to suggestions for number 20.



At 30 September, 2008 22:05, Blogger etoc said...

Since becoming Dad to two girls, "Father of the Bride" has to be on there. Not the scenes with Hans, of course. I'm sorry, comedy or not, I end up blubbering.

At 30 September, 2008 22:12, Blogger M. Jay Bennett said...

I'm voting for A River Runs Through It. The ending where the old man is standing in the river fishing and reflecting on his life makes me tear up every time.

At 30 September, 2008 22:17, Blogger GUNNY said...

Mmm. Both of those are good.

In fact, etoc, I'm becoming a sucker for just about any movie that includes a "Father/Daughter" dance, including The Godfather, of course.

At 30 September, 2008 22:23, Anonymous Joe Thorn said...


At 30 September, 2008 22:45, Blogger Reepicheep said...

HUGE omission-

The death of Sonny in Godfather I

At 30 September, 2008 23:16, Blogger GUNNY said...

Look how they massacred my boy!

To my shame, I have yet to see Rudy, aside from a 15 minute segment while waiting in some office.

At 01 October, 2008 06:52, Blogger Lance said...

Brian's Song.

Where Sayers informs his teammates that Piccolo has cancer.

Of course, they dedicate the game to him . . . and lose.

Then the end, where it shows the two running in slow motion.

Weep, baby, weep.

For a moment, I wept at Pee Wee's Big Adventure, when he discovered the Alamo had no basement.

At 01 October, 2008 08:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fletch. I laugh so hard I cry.

At 01 October, 2008 09:11, Blogger Timothy said...

Bobby Jones: Stroke of Genius, when he wins the grand slam... and goes home to his wife and tells her he is retiring!

At 01 October, 2008 12:15, Anonymous mlanders said...

I can see both "Old Yeller" and "Where the Red Fern Grows" if your still a boy, but "Star Trek II" and "Forest Gump"? Really?

I have long suspected that there might be too much Estrogen in our preprocessed food products...

At 01 October, 2008 13:19, Blogger Cody said...

2nd Vote for Rudy, and I'm shocked you haven't seen it!

At 01 October, 2008 14:44, Blogger GUNNY said...

Point of clarification ... I'm not saying that I personally have cried at these, Old Yeller alone excepted.

Sure, I might have got something in my eyes by matter of coincidence at some of these, but who can help that.

I'm just saying I wouldn't ridicule a grown man for getting a little teary eyed at these.

I've never seen Bobby Jones either, but I'll put it on my list, right after Sixth Sense, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, and Rudy.

At 01 October, 2008 15:48, Blogger Sew Anyway said...

May I suggest "Pursuit of Happyness"? You know the part in the subway with his son?

At 01 October, 2008 16:01, Blogger Lance said...

Oh yes. The subway bathroom scene.

That one'll getcha.

Good call.

At 01 October, 2008 16:06, Blogger Rev. said...

- We Were Soldiers

At 01 October, 2008 16:16, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Notebook and/or Simon Birch.

At 01 October, 2008 19:24, Blogger Reepicheep said...

Come on guys, no props for the Sonny scene?

Old Yeller? I'm glad that mutt died...

You guys are a bunch of anglo Sicilian haters!

At 01 October, 2008 20:44, Anonymous billie hartman said...

RUDY, RUDY, RUDY!!! It makes your dad cry every time. He has seen it so MANY times.

At 01 October, 2008 21:05, Blogger Jade said...

How does any human being cry in the Godfather?! I don't get that....

At 01 October, 2008 21:18, Blogger GUNNY said...

Ladies & Gentlemen, I think we're about to see some significant fireworks among Yankee fans. Haters rejoice.

Pursuit of Happyness was definitely a great one. I think I had my pupils dilated or something because I was on the verge of having issues during that scene in the subway head.

At 02 October, 2008 00:08, Blogger brandi said...

The Passion.. I had to pause the part where He was being flogged. I couldn't handle it I was crying so hard.

No Rudy? Really? Wow. I thought for sure you had seen that one.

At 02 October, 2008 00:10, Blogger brandi said...

wake up Champ!!

At 02 October, 2008 00:27, Blogger GUNNY said...

Speaking of Champ, another Champ-like moment is Rocky at Mickey's side when Mickey passes away.

That was touching. If Rocky can cry, we probably can too.

At 02 October, 2008 08:06, Blogger Jade said...

OK Gunny, did you at least see the classic, "Pride of the Yankees" where Gary Cooper plays Lou Gehrig? When he makes his final speech before all in Yankee stadium ... now that one was a tear jerker....

At 02 October, 2008 08:15, Anonymous Lionel Woods said...


When McQueen leaves Sally back at "Radiator Springs"

At 02 October, 2008 12:15, Anonymous bobo said...

For a little extry tidbit...One Dr. Alistair Begg plays the role of the hard drinking, swearing golf coach. Priceless. I don't think I cried, but twas gud nonetheless. War movies get me every time, so my two entries...To End All Wars & Rescue Dawn. Christian Bale's character in RD was fan-freakin-tastic. The fact that so much of it was true, is stunning.

At 11 June, 2009 11:16, Blogger Ashley said...

Sorry I'm just now seeing this because of Facebok. Lots of great movies have been mentioned where it's okay for men to cry, such as The Notebook. But what about The Patriot. Lots of men (some that don't even have kids) cried at, "Papa! Don't go! I'll say anything you want!"

At 11 June, 2009 14:05, Blogger GUNNY said...

Ashley, I've not seen the Notebook or the Patriot, but will put them on my to do list ... especially if I'm needing a good cry.


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