Friday, February 24, 2006

Boy, that escalated quickly... I mean, that really got out of hand fast!

So I'm sitting there in the Murphy McDonald's in the play area as the little people play. Looking through the window I noticed a car hit the brakes in the left-turn lane (going west), but I also noticed that the SUV behind did not notice the braking ... nor did the following truck. Consequently, three-car pile up.

I thought, uncool ... wreck in the rain. Nobody wins.

Well, as I noted the stark contrast between motorists beaten down with trying to resolve their soggy situation and the carefree children ... I also noted the arrival of others on the scene, Murphy officials: 2 police cars, a fire engine, an ambulance, and another city vehicle.

They were able to join in the aquatic adventure. Some were inspecting vehicles, some were interviewing motorists, some were directing traffic and all probably wished they were somewhere else--as did the motorists who were delayed getting through the intersection.

Fortunately, the ambulance was not needed, but the whole event drove home to me the following:
  • Much as we hate it, nobody is an island. One's afternoon (and trips to the body shop for others) can be very easily derailed by another motorist. One person not seeing/anticipating another's deceleration can lead to over a dozen people being wetter than usual.
  • The sovereign hand of God protects us from so much more than we realize. There could be a lot more wrecks out there today than will occur, merely by His (common) grace.
  • Even miserable circumstances are beneficial for others. Events such as these help employ paramedics, insurance companies, body shops, tow trucks, etc.
  • Misery can soon escalate quickly. One moment everyone was happily moving along through the intersection and in just a few minutes hardly anyone was getting through (in part due to the rubber-neckers going east) and many were getting wet.


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