Wednesday, February 22, 2006

You dont need a patch on your arm to have honor.

Troy Aikman and Rayfield Wright were accepted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame (2/4). I was pleased, though disappointed for Michael Irvin, though I'm confident he's got a good shot.

For a Cowboy fan this is/was huge because there is arguably an anti-Cowboy bias out there with regard to the HOF. To put it in perspective, prior to this year's class, there were five (5) Cowboys players in the HOF. From over 45 years of playing in the NFL, going to more Superbowls than anyone else (8), being tied for the most SB wins (5), and stringing together great years of success, only five players?!

The theory is that the Cowboys are the team that everybody loves to hate, particularly after Tex Schramm got them dubbed as "America's Team" in the 1970s.

Cowboys that should be in the Hall of Fame based on their football performance:

The above mentioned stack up statistically and in just about every other way to those already in and there are some inducted who pale in comparison.

The HOF finally came around on the great slight of Rayfield Wright, but there is still much injustice yet to be rectified. Yet, doing a few a year they could make things right before too long. However, you don't need a patch on your arm or your bust in Canton to have honor. These men played with it whenever they put the helmet on and for that the NFL is better.


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