Thursday, February 16, 2006

It's made with bits of real panther, so you know it's good.

I'm often asked about a referring a Reformed church. The following are some nice lists of Reformed churches that such friends might be directed to.

The lists typically explain the qualifying factors, so you know why they are listed as such. Not all are Baptist and I don't necessarily endorse any of the churches listed, but I may be able to offer some insight regarding some of them. As always, viewer discretion is advised.
P.S. Let me know if there are other such lists that might be helpful.


At 17 February, 2006 08:56, Blogger Go-Panda said...

ARBCA is the Association of Reformed Baptist Churches of America who is using Spurgeon's version of the 1689 LBC and the church directory is here

At 22 February, 2006 17:56, Blogger Go-Panda said...

Gotta kick another one in your list Gunny:->

At 22 February, 2006 18:06, Blogger GUNNY said...

go-panda ... I'm suprised at you. It's already there, brutha.

At 24 February, 2006 14:16, Blogger Go-Panda said...

Wait! you expect congregants to actually read the blog entry?

At 25 February, 2006 00:21, Blogger GUNNY said...

Point well taken, my craziness being revealed. I even used to expect the Sunday school class to read the lesson ahead of time! ;)


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