Thursday, August 27, 2009

There can be only one!

Recently reading the following sparked an enlightening exercise.
"If R.C. [Sproul] only had one book in prison: The Bible. Only one chapter: Isaiah 6. Only one verse: Genesis 15:6. Only one book from the Bible: Hebrews."

Hmm. What about me? This was harder than I thought it would be, but ...

If I was isolated somewhere (e.g., the joint), and was limited, I would want the following:

How about you?

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At 27 August, 2009 12:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is good bull, might be better than the starting 5 line-up we did when we had Spurgeon at Power Forward. Any ways, I'm going to say

Chapter: Isa 53
Verse:Romans 8:3-4 (yes I cheated!)
Book: Matthew


At 27 August, 2009 13:39, Blogger Matt said...

Book: How to Escape from from an American Prison (State or Federal) by Theodore Browne (thank you G.K. Chesterton)
Bible Book: John
Chapter: Matthew 5–7 (probably chapter 6 if I can only have 1)
Verse: Phil 3:8–11

At 27 August, 2009 14:15, Blogger Chris Brauns said...

Book: Bible
Chapter: Ephesians 2
Verse: John 3:16
Book: John

At 27 August, 2009 15:53, Blogger GUNNY said...

That Ephesians 2 was my runner-up, Chris.

Matt, you're really pushing the envelope with Matt 5-7, but you'd be hard pressed to find a better triad of chapters in Scripture.

I'll have to investigate further this Theodore Browne book, for that's high praise.

Tyler, I still think Spurgeon would have made a great power forward.

At 27 August, 2009 17:56, Blogger Rev. said...

Only One Book: The Purpose Driven Life
* just kidding *

Only One Book: The BIble
Only One Chapter: Ephesians 1
Only One Verse: Galatians 2:20
Only One Book from the Bible: John

At 27 August, 2009 18:50, Blogger Lance said...

Wow. Let's see . . .

Romans 8
Revelation 21:4

At 27 August, 2009 18:53, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Book: The Bible
Chapter: Proverbs 3
Verse: Psalm 34:19
Book: John

At 17 September, 2009 23:46, Blogger brandi said...

Only One Book: Bible
Only One Chapter: Psalm 91
Only One Verse: Galatians 5:1
Only One Book from the Bible: Psalm

At 17 September, 2009 23:49, Blogger brandi said...

that Isaiah 5. is good stuff. and that 2 Cor 5:21 powerful. Romans 8 is good and encouraging but I gotta have Psalms to put me in the right frame of mind to worship my Lord and really be in His presence.

Good questions though. Good fun.


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