Thursday, May 07, 2009

That place was a rip off.

Should Southern Baptists attend the SBC annual meetings?

I have been to two (2) SBC annual meetings. The first was in Dallas, because my pastor/mentor Kirk Taylor took me and it was local. The second was in St. Louis, because I could enjoy other things STL has to offer (e.g., family, Cardinals, and White Castle).

When I found out the 2009 meeting was in Louisville, I was interested because they have The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary there and White Castle. Funding issues aside, the SBC annual meeting doesn't typically show up on my radar screen of conferences I might attend.

Each year I go to the Desiring God pastors conference in Minneapolis, but it's uncommon I have the resources (time & money) to go to another conference during the year. If I do, Together for the Gospel or the Founders conference or the Ligonier Ministries pastors conference or various other conferences would get resource priority over the SBC annual meeting.

I'm not alone among my generation of Southern Baptists, but why is that? Is it just a matter of opportunity cost?

After reading Alvin Reed's post "Why Should I Attend the Southern Baptist Convention?" I have a more solidified understanding of why more of my generation are absent.
"NOTE: those my senior wanted to change the world for the gospel and believed the way to do that was through convention involvement; those my junior believe such involvement in the convention actually hinders their ability to change the world for the gospel!"

Is there a lack of confidence in the Cooperative Program? If so, why? Since each Southern Baptist church is autonomous, what are the worthwhile reasons for cooperation? Has the SBC lost focus or have the priorities been obscured by lesser endeavors?

If YOU don't go, why not? If you do attend, what motivates you to do so?



At 07 May, 2009 09:09, Blogger mike fox said...

i'm not sure what the title of this post is meant to convey. i didn't read anything in the article about rip-offs. am i missing something?

At 07 May, 2009 10:03, Blogger Joe said...

If I could go to only one Conference a year, it would be the Shepherds Conference...

At 07 May, 2009 14:05, Blogger brandi said...

To Mike Fox:

The titles of all of the Semper Reformanda, at least I think all, are quotes from movies. The readers send in the name of the movie that the quote came from in the comments section. In one of the blog posts a listing of all movies that are quoted from are listed. Not sure which blog post. So, if you can guess which movie that is quoted from post it in the comment for that post. If you comment the answer first you are the winner of that post. I am not sure if he keeps a running account of who wins most or if there is a grand prize. Mostly I think it is all done in fun. I would be willing to say that it has been fun although I don't know most of them.


sorry for butting in, Gun, I saw and linked this from facebook. I could not seethe captcha thing from facebook link though. So I had copy and paste my comment.

At 07 May, 2009 14:29, Blogger GUNNY said...

Mike, the title is what Kip Dynamite said to Napoleon as he was pulling him back home after being disappointed with the sales pitch/demonstration at Rex Kwan Do. Their perception being that they could have used their resources better elsewhere.

Yeah, Brandi's assessment is right on track.

Joe, I've heard that from others as well. In fact, I have a buddy in Las Vegas who's gone frequently who's been leaning on me to go. Apparently, you get loads of free stuff to take home as well as good teaching/fellowship.

Someday, Lord willing, I'd love to check it out.

At 07 May, 2009 18:39, Blogger mike fox said...

thanks to those who cleared up the movie quote bit. i was like, "eh?"

At 07 May, 2009 19:10, Blogger GUNNY said...

Sometimes the connection is thin even in the author's mind. ;-)

I have about 15-20 blog posts for which I've yet to come up with a good title. Perhaps I need to watch more movies.

At 08 May, 2009 12:35, Blogger Mark said...

Hi Gunny. I am a lifelong Southern Baptist with two Seminary educated brothers, one of whom graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, and now teaches vocal music at Eastern University in Pennsylvania. The other brother graduated from Midwestern in Kansas City and went into foreign missions (Philipines), but now retired.

My brother from Southwestern knew the composer of the following song personally when they were both students at Southwestern.

Here's his song about the SBC, sung to the tune of "Take me out to the ballgame":

Send me to the Convention.
Send me out with the crowd.
Find me a suite in a big hotel.
That's where the service is swell (so they tell me)
But I'll attend every session
That is, at least for a while
And I 'll get an outline or two for my sermon style!

Send me to the Convention,
When it's in Houston again.
Get me a seat at the Astrodome.
I don't care if I never get home,
But I'll attend every session, Standing around in the hall
I'll meet Bill, George, Charlie, and Fred
And we'll all have a ball!
(Then, slide right into this, to the tune of "I left my heart in San Francisco")

And when they meet in San Francisco
Then fly me there by super jet
I'll read the stewardship report,
And as a last resort,
I'll see the Giants play the Mets...

(back to "Take me Out to the Ballgame")

But you can bet that
I'll attend every session,
Cause that's what I'm 'sposed to do
Cause when I go to the Convention
I'm representing you!
written by Dan McBride MRE. (mighty religious entertainer)

At 08 May, 2009 12:40, Blogger Mark said...

BTW, My brother who went to Midwestern also knew a singer-songwriter when he was in college at Howard Payne, in Brownwood, TX.

That songwriter was known professionally as Paul, and his singer partner was named Paula. They had a hit called "Paul and Paula". Perhaps you know of it.

My brother knew both Paul and Paula.

Coincidentally, many years later I joined a Sunday School class in Kansas City, in which Paul, who's real name is Ray Hildebrand, was also a member.

At 08 May, 2009 14:40, Anonymous Michelle K said...

And coincidentally, Dan and the McBride family were members of the church I grew up in. I have known them for a long time and I have had the pleasure of hearing many of his songs personally while growing up.

It's a small world, after all.

At 08 May, 2009 19:46, Blogger Jade said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At 08 May, 2009 19:48, Blogger Jade said...

Gunny wrote:When I found out the 2009 meeting was in Louisville, I was interested because they have The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary there and White Castle. Hahaha ... food always is a great motivator, huh Gunny? :ob

At 19 May, 2009 16:28, Blogger GUNNY said...

Amen, Jade. Nothing like double dipping, getting fed physically AND spiritually.

Mark, I love the convention song. That needs to be spread far and wide. It could be the convention theme song or at least sung toward the end, when messengers are getting tired and need that "seventh-inning stretch."

At 19 May, 2009 20:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more... I have no desire to attend the annual convention and will continue attending, by God's will, Beth.Pastor's Conf. and the Gospel Coalition...


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