Saturday, April 25, 2009

Americans traditionally love to fight. All real Americans love the sting of battle.

Hockey playoffs ... you won't see very much of this in the playoffs, so here's some hockey fisticuffs to tide you over.

Okay, one could make a case that this one might have got out of hand: Senators vs Flyers.

Dallas Stars' Aaron Downey in one of the shortest hockey fights.


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At 25 April, 2009 09:15, Blogger etoc said...

Great choices... I doff my hat to you sir. I can only add (as you might have expected):

At 25 April, 2009 09:46, Blogger Timothy said...

Hi Gunny,
I'm sorry, couldn't watch all that violence... knowing,... i have to finish my sermon today. Not a good mood to write a sermon with. :)

At 25 April, 2009 11:16, Blogger mike fox said...

hi, i couldn't help but comment when i saw the title. i'm not a pacifist, but i'm ready to say that those who are pacificsts aren't "real americans." besides, the overwhelming majority of americans has no experience with the sting of battle.

just some thoughts

At 25 April, 2009 15:36, Blogger GUNNY said...

Timothy, I should have had my soccer girls watch some of this so they would have been ready for the brutal way the other team played today. Who would have thunk 8 year old girls could be so rough?! We took our 2-1 victory and ran.

Mike, I think you meant to say you're NOT ready to say pacifists aren't real Americans.

Either way, it's a quote from the movie Patton, a line the general used as part of a stellar speech (at least rhetorically) to motivate the 3rd Army in World War II.

etoc, "Welcome back to old time hockey." Oh yeah, that's a classic.

It's amazing enough that these guys can skate and move a puck as they do, but to be able to fight on the ice as well ... that's quite impressive.


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