Tuesday, October 16, 2007

We use these words as the backbone of a life spent defending something. You use them as a punchline.

I recently read a challenging piece about the role of a pastor in the pro-life effort. His thesis is a response to the question, "What does a pro-life pastor looks like?"

In summary ...
“The pro-life pastor commits himself to four essential tasks. First, he preaches a biblical view of human value and applies that view to abortion, embryonic stem cell research, and cloning. Second, he equips his people to engage the culture with a persuasive defense of the pro-life view. Third, he restores lost passion for ministry with cross-centered preaching. Fourth, he confronts his own fears about preaching inconvenient truth.”

This came at a time wherein I've been asking a similar question, "What does a pro-life Christian look like?"

There's much talk about a 3rd party candidate because of fears the GOP might nominate a pro-choice candidate (namely, Rudy Guiliani). So, being pro-life is a topic of conversation once again, but this is normal leading up to an election.

Many are in fact self-described as "single issue voters," using a candidate's stance on abortion as the litmus test of whether or not to support him/her. This is particularly important with regard to the president, since it is the president who appoints judges and it is ultimately in the (Supreme) court where this battle will be won or lost.

But ... other than voting pro-life (i.e., voting for a candidate who purports to be pro-life), what do these people DO?

What does, or better yet, what should a pro-life Christian look like?

Is it more than just casting a vote every 4 years? I think so, especially since in many places the vote actually accomplishes nothing.

For example, someone who lives in Texas will (effectively) make no difference because the state will be a "Red State" and the pro-life Christian who cast such a vote actually accomplished nothing for the cause.

Now, that may sound harsh and I know about the "categorical imperative," but everybody doesn't think that way, so it doesn't negate the reality.

Let me state my point more directly: I think it ironic at best and pathetic at worst that so many make such a big deal about being pro-life (i.e., with regard to being anti-abortion) but actually DO nothing more than cast a vote.

It's easy to make fun of those who claim to be Christian but only actually go to church one or two times a year, right? But aren't the VAST MAJORITY of "pro-life Christians" only really so during an election?

What should a Christian do in keeping with his/her conviction of being pro-life? What should he/she not do?

We want to temper our zeal, for I'm not advocating doing violence or blowing up buildings, but there seems to me more than can/should be done than just clamoring for a pro-life candidate and then voting accordingly.

If you call yourself pro-life, what have you done to further the cause?



At 16 October, 2007 08:38, Blogger Lionel Woods said...

There are a couple of pregnancy centers that need men to come do Bible Studies. One is across the street from First Baptist Dallas. I was working downtown and began working through the process, but when Blockbuster started laying off I left. Thanks for this post. I will contact them again and see if they still need help. It is worth the drive and time.

Convicted Brother.

At 16 October, 2007 14:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What if every Christian pro-life family adopted a child? What if this became normative for Christian families? Would we not be putting our actions where are rhetoric is?

I think this is what it would take to demonstrate to our fallen culture that Christians do indeed value human life. Adopting these unborn babies is the best way to prove that these babies are really wanted and that our world is wrong when they say these unborn babies are unwanted. This is the kind of credibility we need to impact our culture to the glory of God.

Individually, we cannot save every unwanted unborn baby and that goal can be overwhelming, but we could save one from being aborted. It is easy to write a check, and even easier to cast a vote, but if we were really serious about it, we would make the commitment to take drastic action. If only these babies appeared on our doorsteps, we would know what to do. But we should be more proactive in finding and saving these babies before they are killed.

Why do we wait on and put our hope in a few men in government to solve this problem? This really does not require much action or commitment from us, and why do we expect that it will ever happen in this culture. No, the best way to put Big Abortion out of business is to eliminate its client demand, one baby soul at a time.

I know some Christians who have done this and I applaud them. My family has not saved a baby from abortion, but we have talked about it. However, our talking has not accomplished much at all, so I am preaching to myself. Perhaps it is time for us to make it a goal and act on it.

Another convicted brother,

At 16 October, 2007 14:49, Blogger GUNNY said...

Oilcan wrote: "This is the kind of credibility we need to impact our culture to the glory of God."

My mom has a friend with whom she use to work that was standing outside an abortion clinic in San Antonio. She said something to the effect of "Please, give your baby up for adoption. Somebody would love to have your baby."

The young lady turned and tearfully asked her, "Would you adopt my baby?"

Taken aback, the lady said, "Uh ... yes, yes, I will."

The young, pregnant mother turned around and said, "Okay."

To make a long story short ...

The two became friends and the young mother actually wound up keeping her baby and the lady who offered to adopt found out SHE was also pregnant about 2 months after this episode.

I thought that was pretty red on her part, especially since she later did get to adopt another baby, saving it from abortion.

Can you imagine what that must be like putting that child to bed each night, knowing it was plucked from the hands of Dr. Death?

My wife and I have talked about adopting in the past. I think it would be good bull beyond all measure.

Oil wrote: "the best way to put Big Abortion out of business is to eliminate its client demand, one baby soul at a time."

Well said, brother.

At 16 October, 2007 16:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I concur with Oil and Gun, but would make a slight correction by adding 'baby body' to 'baby soul'. We are not dichotomous in our view of mankind and the redemption purchased for us in Christ. Our bodies will be redeemed with our souls, and the damnable evils done upon the bodies of the unborn is no lesser evil.

p.s. Finally I get one...A Few Good Men


At 16 October, 2007 17:10, Blogger GUNNY said...

Sehr gut, Herr Bobo! You nailed the quote ... A Few Good Men.

That being said, I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide and then questions the manner in which I provide it.

Amen, Christ redeems the totality of our being, material and immaterial.

P.S. Another route one might go in the name of pro-life efforts would be as a foster parent. That's tough work as well, but another way to care for children in need.

In fact, that's some pure and undefiled religion up in this piece.

At 16 October, 2007 23:17, Blogger AJF said...

Very challenging post. Alas, I think the responders have said it well. Adoption is one of the key ways to truly make a difference. Frankly, I'm sick of talking about it. It's time for me to do something. Good word Gunny.

At 17 October, 2007 08:47, Blogger Brotherhank said...

piercing questions for a politicized issue...

pardon the hyperbole (and most people hate these comparisons, but oh well), but imagine german citizens waiting every other four years to vote for a Anti-Concentration Camp candidate. We'd look at them like they've lost their freakin' mind. Millions are dying, but they aren't doing so according to a political calendar - and although a pro-life vote may ease our consciences, more is required of us than mere lip service at the ballot box.

At 02 November, 2007 00:20, Anonymous brenda taylor said...

It's been refreshing to read your posts...

I loved your comparison of PLINOs (Pro-Lifers in Name Only) to Chreasters (sp?).

Here's a quote from Dennis Green that pretty much sums it up: "Being pro-life doesn't save babies, acting pro-life does."

Adoption is one way to make a difference, but it does not address the root of the problem.

If we TRULY understood the magnitude of the bloodguilt our nation has incurred by allowing the legalized slaughter of 50 million Americans over the past 35 years, we would be willing to die for this cause.

When/if the Church ever genuinely repents for our involvement in and/or apathy toward child-sacrifice (including abortafacient birth control), the Lord will equip us with the ability to stop it.

I know I'm preaching to the choir. :) God bless you for taking a pro-life stand!

brenda taylor, a witness who can no longer remain silent

At 16 January, 2008 22:47, Blogger Her Big Mouth said...

You are absolutely right!! I think this is the Christians downfall in more ways than one! We preach right, and we vote right, but what else are we doing? Hoping for a change is going to change anything. Congress isn't going to vote it in. So who or what are we waiting for? I personally believe that everyone who professes to be a Christian (if they call themselves Christians and they are for abortion, they're liars!) would step up and make some noise, shout it from the roof tops, cause a stir, whatever it takes, I believe that spirit of abortion will have to bow its knee in Jesus name. But no, it will never happen if all we do is sit back a wish.

At 16 January, 2008 23:00, Blogger Her Big Mouth said...

You are absolutely right! I believe this is the Christians downfalls in more areas than one! We preach about it, we vote against it, we wish it wasn't so, but in reality, we're not doing anything.

Hoping for a change is not going to change it. Congress isn't going to vote it in, so who or what exactly are we waiting for?!

I wonder what would happen if all of the professing Christians (if someone claims 2 be Christian and yet they are for abortion, they are liars...Rev 21:8-"Liars go to hell." excuse my boldness) would take a stand, shout it from the roof tops, do bizzarre rallies, make some noise, whatever it takes; I believe the spirit of abortion would bow its knee in Jesus name!

Homosexual unions became legal because the homosexuals raised cane and made some noise. African-Americans were served freedom because there was a Martin Luther King who opened his mouth and a Rosa Parks who wouldn't back down.

This instances tell me it is very possible! If the Christians would just do something! We need to make some noise, because wishing for it to happen will get us nowhere!


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