Wednesday, July 18, 2007

People don't throw things at me any more. Maybe because I carry a bow around.

One of my heros, for rather obvious reasons, is Troy Dungan. Tonight he steps down after 31 years of doing the weather for Channel 8. (HT Oilcan)

Tune in to see him tonight for the 6 o'clock news.
Some Troy Trivia:
How many bow ties does Troy own?
Approx. 220

Why bow ties?
(It's a) Long boring story... basically just became an eccentric while working in Detroit in 1974.

Best advice Troy ever received?
Never try to explain anything you don't understand yourself.

Troy's most influential person?
This life, my dad. For next life, Jesus.

Troy's favorite way to relax?
Having a glass of wine with my lovely wife, Janet.

Troy's personal motto
Six Transit Gloria... basically fame is fleeting.. don't take yourself too seriously.
*Want to hear/see more about Troy's faith? Watch here.


At 21 July, 2007 11:54, Blogger Lance said...

Don't know if you saw Dan Henry on Fox 4's 9:00 news Wednesday, but he honored Dungan by wearing a red bow tie.

I thought that was pretty classy and a great way to honor the Troymeister.

At 21 July, 2007 14:22, Blogger GUNNY said...

I did not know that, but it's certainly good bull.

Channel 8 really threw him a lot of love during their 6 o'clock and even some in their 10 o'clock.


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