Sunday, July 01, 2007

All your life has been spent in pursuit of archeological relics. Inside the Ark are treasures beyond your wildest aspirations.

Canadian Tim Challies has offered some noteworthy thoughts on why the movie Evan Almighty (contemporization of "Noah's Ark" story) is not doing so well at the box office.

In particular, he has a great point about the real problem being a product of non-Christians making a movie for the Christians.
The studios just do not understand Christians. They think they know what will appeal to Christians, try to give it to them, and then find that they've failed. Why? Because they don't know the audience. They try to appeal to some watered-down, ridiculous notion of what a Christian is and then are surprised to learn that true Christians really bear no resemblance to that caricature.

One other thing to throw into the mix is the fact that this is a sequel and most Christians probably found the first one to be over the line in a variety of ways.

In other words, I actually think the movie might have done significantly better for the Christian, for the Christian now, only for the Christian, if it had a different title and no relation to the first movie.

I know that was/has been a stumbling block for me with regard to seeing it.

But, assuming the first one did well, they're trying to ride its coattails. It may be another one of those movies trying to appeal to too broad of an audience. I'm sure there's some stuff too adult for kids and some too juvenile for many adults.

Shrek comes to mind. The first one was okay, but the 2nd beat me down and I'm out on the 3rd. A cartoon would certainly appeal to kids, but there were clear indications that the storyline was geared to the adult. As Kip would ask, "Why is that?"

Of course, a great movie has already been made about the Ark, and not a farcical comedy. There's a reason it was shut up in a wharehouse amid other similar crates. The Ark is not a laughing matter.

So, have you seen Evan Almighty? What did you think?


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