Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Funny like I'm a clown? I amuse you?

This was interesting ...

There's a pastoral position open for a "pastor-comedian."

The new church is to be called "The Comedy Hour."
Senior Pastor
The Comedy Hour
23165 north western
Edmond, OK

Job Description: This is a newly forming church. Job duties will be to set up church from groud up. We have a 5000sf building to start off in and are planning to build a new building as we grow. We have many ideas God has put on our hearts, would like to hear about yours too and see if we feel like a match to grow God's Kingdom together.

Job Requirements: Must be very funny!! Please send copy of a cd or dvd.

Organization: Developing new age church. The idea is to use humor and comedy to bring people to Christ. With the right Pastor we plan on becoming a rapidly growing mega church soon. We are thinking the church will be called Comedy Hour and be open Friday and Saturday nights and Sunday mornings. We want to show people that being Christians does not mean we can't have fun. Would like to work with new Pastor to come up with new ideas, so please share what God has put on your heart.

Read more about this organization:

* Denomination: Non-denominational
* Organization Association: Emerging Church
* Church Size: 0-100
* Worship Style: Gen X / post-modern

I appreciate the intention to reach the lost, I really do, but I'm wondering if this is not clearly over the line in some way. Of course, I'm a bit more of a "believers church" type of guy, but something tells me that some in the "Emerging Church" would like to distance from these folks also.

Required: not only a heart for Jesus and the lost, but also a funny bone as well.

Well, I'm not a candidate.

First, I'm not willing to relocate to Edmond, OK.

Second, I'm not "very funny," but only funny.

Besides, what do you mean "funny"? Funny like I'm a clown? I amuse you?


At 27 June, 2007 08:07, Blogger Lance said...

Maybe I should apply. After all, I graduated from Edmond Memorial High School in 1985(Go Bulldogs!). And some people say I can be sorta funny.

At 27 June, 2007 08:38, Blogger Rev. said...

Is this "Tom in the Box"?!?

No? Oh my!!!

At 27 June, 2007 08:50, Anonymous Stephanie said...

Um... why are you searching

At 27 June, 2007 12:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you a comedian if people laugh AT you? If so, Gunny you are very funny and so very qualified, especially when you go into your Robin William's routine . . . Whoa!

Seriously though, who are the ad wizards who came up with this idea? I mean, what is up with that? I mean, what is that all about?

I look forward to your comedy sermons such as:

You might be a redneck sinner if . . .

Let me tell ya, I get no respect . . .

Take my church, please . . .

Sin Sledgomatic . . . for physcial comedy a la Gallagher (bring tarps for the front rows)


At 27 June, 2007 15:15, Blogger M. Jay Bennett said...

That's hysterical.

"I'm just a wild and crazy pastor."

Gun, I can see you with happy feet dancing around the pulpit.

At 27 June, 2007 15:34, Blogger Rev. said...

I think Oilcan is on to something there, especially with the Sin Sledg-O-Matic.

At 27 June, 2007 16:20, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the picture of the guy with a paper-bag over his head looks like a caricature of the kkk. pastor, i am sure that was not your intention, please re-consider.

At 27 June, 2007 16:50, Blogger GUNNY said...

Anon, I think you're really showing your youth here. That's the Unknown Comic, of the Gong Show fame!

I'm not sure where he was/is theologically, but I don't think he'd have anything to do with those racial terrorists.

Some pretty "funny" comments from Rev & Lance & Jay the Bennett. Perhaps we could ride the coattails of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour with a Men of the Cloth Comedy Tour?!

At 27 June, 2007 16:53, Blogger GUNNY said...

P.S. I forgot to throw Oil a bone, as his comments are the genesis for that idea.

My apologies.

Now, I have to get back to blowing up a surgical glove over my head ala Howie Mandel. After all, I don't wanna be a "one-trick pony."

At 28 June, 2007 07:35, Blogger Rev. said...

Anon: Surely, you jest. (When were you born?)

Men of the Cloth Comedy Tour...
"You might be an Evangelical if..."
"You might be a Southern Baptist if..."
"You might be a Dispensationalist if..."
"You might be Reformed if..."

At 28 June, 2007 10:31, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Men of the Cloth Comedy Tour?



At 28 June, 2007 11:13, Blogger GUNNY said...

Blue Collar Evangelist ...

GIT'R saved!

At 28 June, 2007 12:13, Blogger Lance said...

Ah yes, the Unknown Comic.

And the Gong Show . . . fond memories (esp. when it aired immediately after Match Game---Gene Rayburn and Chuck Barris--those guys were two peas in the proverbial pod).

BTW: Do we know who the Unknown Comic was? My money's on the guy who was Deep Throat.

At 28 June, 2007 13:29, Blogger GUNNY said...

He was comedian Murray Langston.

He was actually in a movie, Night Patrol (mid 80s), back in the day. This raunchy movie was a few steps below Police Academy, but Langston is a cop who moonlights as the Unknown Comic.

The plot line is that an imposter is a violent robber who wears a bag that is ... identical. So, it's one of those clear your name deals, if I remember correctly. It may have been one of those whodunits instead.

I love Airplane and that kind of humor, but I don't recally being more than mildly jazzed by this attempt in that genre, even as a teenager.

I wouldn't recommend it so much, but the highlight for me was learning the true identity of the Unknown Comic.

Huh, this is interesting ...
"Strapped for cash, he accepted an offer to appear on The Gong Show. However, he was reportedly embarrassed about appearing on the show, so he put a bag over his head, memorized a few old jokes, and became "The Unknown Comic". The character was a hit, and soon developed a cult following, appearing on more than 150 Gong Show episodes."

Some how Wiki forget about his gig as an informant in the Watergate slooge.

For the less acquainted:
Gong Show: Unknown Comic
(Scope out Steve Martin as one of the judges (0:37).)

Gong Show: Gene, Gene the Dancing Machine

At 28 June, 2007 15:35, Blogger paulustignarius said...

Gunny, please tell us that you made this up. Please

At 29 June, 2007 09:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can testify - The Unknown Comic was real!

I am pretty sure I also remember him being on the greatness of the game show "Make Me Laugh!" The contestant sat in a chair while a team of "real life" comedians each had like a minute round to try to make the contestant laugh. If the contestant could avoid laughing, he won some coin or some such.

Sadly, after the Unknown Comic de-bagged, he just wasn't so funny anymore and the bit was ruined, kind of like Kiss de-make-up-ing. Wait, am I allowed to mention Kiss on this blog?

Kiss and the Unknown Comic - hey, it was a 70's thing. I sort of wish we could put a bag over that whole decade.


At 30 June, 2007 02:02, Blogger GUNNY said...

I think he was also on Rowan & Martin's Laugh In, but he might have been sans bag (early years). That was the show where Goldie Hawn was the dancing girl with thought-provoking sayings written in body paint. Remember that?

Well, I think referencing KISS is certainly valid, since the Unknown Comic was known to rock & roll all night ... and party every day.

I remember Make Me Laugh. That was the original "Must See TV." I remember it as you describe, but I thought it was a stool on which they sat.

Wasn't that show filmed in Detroit, Rock City?

"Gotta laugh, 'cause I know I'm gonna die. Get up - everybody's gonna move their feet. Get down - everybody's gonna leave their seat."


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