Thursday, February 08, 2007

Do you think I'd speak for you? I don't even know your language.

Stephanie has "tagged" me to address 6 areas in which I could be described as weird. I'm still in the process of narrowing the list, but in the mean time I will share one of those as its length merits its own post.

As my wife would say, I have my own lingo, my own language that can be confusing at times for those new to the program. The following is a list of words or phrases that I (mis)use, things out of the ordinary.

Some of these are my own creation (e.g., slooge), but the vast majority I have picked up over the years and internalized from various places (e.g., Aggieland, England), often to the point of not even realizing their uniqueness. Many of these are not unique to me, but are used by other weird people as well.

Most should be self-explanatory, but if not I've tried to assist in understanding. But, if something is still fuzzy, leave me a comment and I'll attempt to rectify.

Let me help you learn a new language, by giving you these "Gunnisms" for your linguistic pleasure.

  1. Spare (as in a bench warmer type human)
  2. HT (hat tip, as in tip of the cap to acknowledge/designate source, showing appreciation by imitation)
  3. Rest on that (stop doing)
  4. At ease the ______ (stop doing something or saying or making noise)
  5. I got mine (selfish behavior to the detriment of others)
  6. Dethawed (combination of defrost & thaw)
  7. Slooge
  8. Good/Bad bull (something really good/bad, impressively so)
  9. thousands, consequently millions (HT Deion Sanders)
  10. Whippin' (as in, that song is a whippin', or it's whippin' me)
  11. There's no question (HT Troy Aikman)
  12. This _______ really ties the room together. (i.e., it's good; HT The Big Lebowski)
  13. What's the ... uh?
  14. Eyeballs (cue for kids to say, "CLICK" and look at Daddy & listen)
  15. Woo-hoo (code for sexual activity, as in to have woo-hoo)
  16. Goozfraba (used to create calming effect, HT Anger Management)
  17. Settle (as in settle down or calm down)
  18. Scene (as in someone's situation, his/her scene)
  19. Scene? (what's the story/situation?)
  20. The miracle, or the miracle of the internet
  21. Peeps (people, as in Providence (Church) Peeps)
  22. Yutes (youths, HT My Cousin Vinny)
  23. Little people (kids, as opposed to Big people)
  24. Vanilla folders (as opposed to Manilla)
  25. the head (bathroom, HT USMC)
  26. feed (chow, as in What's for feed?)
  27. Your bit (your particular part or contribution)
  28. Rumble (going to Fist City, fight)
  29. Big bag of nuthin' (having no answer, argument, plan, etc.)
  30. It's go time (conflict coming to a head)
  31. You got served (your manhood has been challenged)
  32. It's on (you have responded and it's nearly go time)
  33. L-2 school bag (My Aggie book envelope)
  34. Gun mobile (what the kids calls my car)
  35. Pot Providence (what other churches call a "pot luck" meal)
  36. I never! (expression of denialHT, Brave Sir Robin)
  37. Negative, Ghost-Rider, the pattern is full. (HT Top Gun)
  38. Education space (one's back end)
  39. Teenage-girled me (as in talking on the phone like a teenage-girl)
  40. Johnny Mac, RC Sproula, The Pipe
  41. May ginoita! (HT Apostle Paul, may it never be!)
  42. Unstable (something off-kilter, likely makes one uncomfortable)
  43. What does your text say? (what's your Bible say)
  44. It is what it is. (HT Hans Kellner)
  45. It's all 'G' (as in "It's all good.")
  46. Comfy short-pants (instead of long pants or jeans, for comfort)
  47. Whiskey Tango (White Trash)
  48. Enlisted (behavior or item(s) associated with immaturity or low class)
  49. The bag (bed, as in hit "the sack")
  50. Baggin' it (sleeping or blowing off something, presumably due to sleep)
  51. Food awareness (exhortation to keep elbows out of food on plate)
  52. That's how I roll (my Modus Operandi)
  53. The bad Ag (when one, particularly me, does something to whip others)
  54. Evil doers (bad folks in various genres (e.g., church, jihad, etc.))
  55. Solid (something cool, HT Undercover Brother)
  56. Is it? (insurmountable comeback to another's assertion/argument)
  57. mutant boy (originally this kid that we saw at the McDonald's playground, but now a whole category of unruly boys)
  58. The AID (any and all ailments, can be localized (e.g., foot aid, mouth aid))
  59. Sloogey boy (mutant boy who has the audacity to try to converse with my girls)
  60. The hood (where I reside)
  61. Man crush (a studly guy whom I admire greatly)
  62. I wanna be friends with it (something that is GOOD, perhaps even breath-taking; HT Ron Burgundy)
  63. Street cred (what I have to be able to relate to the peeps in my hood)
  64. Package (put something off for later)
  65. Distancing (making sure I'm not associated with an idea or situation)
  66. Savin' it (not exposing others to gas, savin' it for an open area)
  67. Aggie word? (are you truly not lying?)
  68. Skeered (REALLY scared)
  69. Check (acknowledged and will comply)
  70. Queue (line in which one waits)
  71. Post (mail)
  72. No más (no more)
  73. Sound off (speak louder)
  74. DisAstros (spare baseball team in Houston)
  75. Paws (hands)
  76. Za (pizza)
  77. Whammy
  78. Cag (your stuff)
  79. Keepin' it real
  80. You have derailed.
  81. Up in this piece
  82. Up in here, up in here
  83. Your bad self
  84. Beats me down (see whips me)
  85. Spectacles (eye glasses)
  86. Nappies (diapers)
  87. Push chair (baby stroller)
  88. Joe (as in cup of, coffee)
  89. Kwan (the totality of something, HT Rod Tidwell)
  90. 220, 221, whatever it takes (HT Mr. Mom)
  91. That's affirmative
  92. Copy that (I understand)
  93. Shoe up (cue for kids to put their shoes in in preparation for leaving)
  94. Jammy up (cue for kids to put their pajamas on in preparation for the bag)
  95. Macht schnell! (hurry up, HT Deutschland)
  96. tender (as in a grown man got tender when another grown man was not sensitive to his needs)
  97. sweet, clean ______
  98. cog/cogitate (to think about deeply, to ponder, HT Aggie Corps of Cadets)
  99. not so much
  100. guess not (when a guy was supposed to be somewhere or do something and you say, "You were supposed to be there" and he says, "Guess not"; HT Oilcan)
  101. garden variety (adj., as in something within the realm of normalcy)
  102. Bling Bling
  103. grill (i.e., teeth, smile, face)
  104. Get your _______ on (e.g., snack, drink, Christ (remember movie Saved?), church, etc.)
  105. That ______ did a little something for me (meaning I liked it)
  106. How that's __________ treatin' you? (how is it? ... e.g., How's that Frosty treatin' you?)
  107. sports fans (group of people, particularly my kids; HT The Great Santini)
  108. HABU (H.A.B.U. = hook a brother up)
  109. What the Sheol? (N.B. Sheol is one of the Hebrew words translated in an English Bible as "hell")
  110. I don't know what that issss. (HT Deion Sanders)
  111. sad (as in someone being depressed)
  112. tomfoolery
  113. shenanigans
  114. the "A-row" (the front row; HT Lynn Gillette)
  115. scene control (having control of one's own life, as opposed to it being governed by externals such as another person of life in general)
  116. good poynt (good point; HT Greggo)
  117. sumpin sumpin (aka sumthin' sumthin')
  118. rubbish
  119. good things/Mazel Tov!
  120. peace out
  121. Word, Word up, Word to your mother
  122. smoked him/her (what the kids say I've done when I pass another person on the road)
  123. smoked his/her bag
  124. tools (cutlery, HT Aggie Corps of Cadets)
  125. right in his/her wheelhouse (where he/she wants it; HT baseball)
  126. bogart (to hog or keep to oneself)
  127. Afghanistan (long name for blanket thingie called an afghan)
  128. chop chop (macht schnell; hurry up)
  129. N.B. (Latin abbreviation for Note Bene, to note well)
  130. King Jimmy (aka King James Version)
  131. Reno-style (as in not just eatin' it, but eatin' it Reno-style; HT Will Ferrell as Janet Reno on Saturday Night Live)
  132. Napoleonesque (of or relating to Napoleon Dynamite)
  133. The diet starts tomorrow. (It's not just a saying; it's a way of life. HT Oilcan; there's a corollary: This all has to be gone by midnight.)
  134. Chocolate Moo (chocolate milk)
  135. the down low (aka "the D.L.", keeping something quiet)
  136. reload (n. a refill, v. to refill; particularly a beverage)
  137. In my mind ... (preamble to clarify that the statement to be made is not necessarily universally espoused; HT Jerry Jones)
  138. hork (pinch, lift, nick, steal, snatch, swipe, abscond, filch, cop, recon; HT Strange Brew)
  139. my bad (my incorrectly, my not good; my adjective)
  140. tired head (what you get when you're worn out thinking about something, your brain gets tired and starts to hurt)
  141. large, as in 50 large (grand or thousand, as in $50,000)
  142. bones (dollars)
  143. over the line (the foul you call when a person says something that could be construed as racist, blue, or contributing to the merriment of bashing, belittling & carrying on)
  144. I feel ya (I understand) or I'm feelin' that (I'm digging that)
  145. sub-par
  146. no screaming? (Really?)
  147. mash (mashed potatoes)
  148. change of pace (one a little different, as in a "change of pace burger")
  149. workmanlike (not impressive or very good, but adequate)
  150. When in Rome (something to be used when not applicable; HT Ron Burgundy)
  151. instamatically (right this instand, right now; HT Paulie, Rocky's brother-in-law)
  152. then the terrorists have already won (what will happen if people don't do what I want)
  153. ______ Nazi (person (self-)designated to be in charge of something, which may entail rationing, keeping track of inventory, or otherwise policing; HT Soup Nazi)
  154. waffle factor (the factor in the equation of life whereby you have to plan for what could go wrong (i.e., get waffled)
  155. grode (dirt/dirty, as in to "grode it out" is to make dirty and grody in content means dirty language or movie, etc.)
Did I miss any?

N.B. I am updating the list as the comments come rolling in with my omissions.



At 09 February, 2007 02:29, Blogger M. Jay Bennett said...

How about "bad bull"- the opposite of "good bull"


"Did that do a little somethin' for ya?"- meaning, "Did you like that?"

At 09 February, 2007 02:30, Blogger GUNNY said...

Clearly, I have a small brain. I will add bad bull with the good bull.

Thanks for the neighborly kick in the teeth. It did a little something for me!

At 09 February, 2007 02:56, Anonymous Anonymous said...

23. the head (bathroom, HT USMC)
28. It's go time (conflict coming to a head)

According to the transitive property, #28 would suggest that conflict is coming to the bathroom. That's sounds wheel's off to me!

At 09 February, 2007 08:34, Anonymous Stephanie said...

It is what it is. (HT Hans Kellner)

More recently, ht: Paula Abdul, in a drunken interview.

At 09 February, 2007 09:49, Blogger etoc said...

Hey EMH- like the new photo of you in your Mighty Red Wings Jersey. So, unless I missed it, I think you've neglected to mention "cog" (as in to cogitate or ponder--think seriously about), not the dictionary slang meaning "to manipulate in a fraudulent manner."

I'd love to see a similar list of nicknames you've assigned to friends and foes alike, as the one dubbed "Glaucoma Dog." Can I get an amen on that one Oil Can?

At 09 February, 2007 12:05, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That transitive property is a bit unstable. But if they Gun were to answer that assertion I think you would get a, "not so much".

At 09 February, 2007 14:34, Anonymous Michelle said...

I don't know what that is

Garden variety

At 09 February, 2007 22:49, Blogger M. Jay Bennett said...

What the sheol?

What about: "What the Sheol?"

At 11 February, 2007 14:09, Blogger GUNNY said...

Thanks for the great reminders!

Hey, CJC, let's be fair, Glaucoma is about the best nickname ever conceived. It's much better than siatic nerve dog, at which I recall you turned up your nose.

You'd love the nickname of one of our buddies at Providence Church ... Shock. He likes monkeys, which brings to mind Peter Gabriel's "Shock the Monkey" ... Amen?

Of course, his wife's nickname is pretty sweet as well, for together they are ... wait for it ...

Shock & Awe!

At 09 December, 2007 15:35, Blogger Jesus Girl said...


Grimer Worm Tongue


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