Saturday, January 06, 2007

We keep you alive to serve this ship; row well and live.

Those words are from one of my favorite movies of all time, Ben Hur. I highly recommend the movie and that quote, as I deeply resonate with that sentiment, but along ecclesiastical lines.

It reminded me of why a church exists. As Christians, we are here to serve God for His glory. That is our chief end.

The organization that God deemed would do His will in the world is the church, particularly the visible church.

God, it seems to me, keeps a church alive to serve, not a ship, but His purposes. When a church forgets that, it seems it is in jeopardy of deviating from its purpose. When it no longer serves to advance the glory of God in the world, it is no longer needed and may very well die.

I came across this and found it convicting, comforting, and challenging ... but in a good way. I might have stated a few things differently, but the sentiment rings true.

I know He keeps Providence Church alive to serve His purposes. I want us to row well and live.

Dead or Alive
  1. Live churches’ expenses are always more than their income; dead churches don’t need much money!
  2. Live churches have parking problems; Dead churches have empty spaces!
  3. Live churches may have some noisy children; Dead churches are quiet as a cemetery.
  4. Live churches keep changing their ways of doing things; Dead churches see no need for change!
  5. Live churches grow so fast you can’t keep up with people’s names; In dead churches everybody always knows everybody’s name.
  6. Live churches strongly support world missions; Dead churches keep the money at home!
  7. Live churches are full of regular, cheerful givers; Dead churches are full of grudging tippers!
  8. Live churches move ahead on prayer and faith; Dead churches work only on sight!
  9. Live churches plant daughter churches; Dead churches fear spending the money, time, and talent!
  10. Live churches outgrow their Sunday School facilities; Dead churches have room to spare!
  11. Live churches welcome all classes of people; Dead churches stick to their own kind!
  12. Live churches’ members read their Bibles and bring them to church; Dead churches’ members seldom do!
  13. Live churches’ members enthusiastically support the ministries; Dead churches have no ministries—only functions!
  14. Live churches’ members look for someone they can help; Dead churches’ members look for something to complain about!
  15. Live churches’ members reach out to share their faith in Christ; Dead churches’ members don’t have enough to share.
-Source unknown


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