Tuesday, August 08, 2006

I've got certain information, all right? Certain things have come to light.

What is the significance of the Providence Church logo?

Our logo is rich with meaning, beginning with our name. "Providence" refers to God's care for and control of the world, particularly for the benefit of His children. We don't believe in luck, but in a God who is actively in charge of all things. Seemingly random events have been knit together in a story He is telling as He reveals His glory to His creation.

As a "church" we are a community of likeminded baptized believers in the triune God, thereby united in the Lord Jesus Christ. We are essentially, brothers and sisters, working together to do the will of the Father as we try to glorify Him by making a positive impact on the world.

In the logo "Providence Church" is at the foot of the cross to remind us of our subordination to Christ as the head of the church. We are here to serve Him, to be His hands & feet in the world, accomplishing His will.

The cross itself reminds us of the only means of redemption, that we can only be saved from God's wrath that we deserve as sinners because of the price Jesus paid on our behalf. He died that we might live. He paid a debt He did not owe because we owed a debt we could not pay. In the cross we are reminded of God's great love for sinners, such as us. Yet, the cross is empty, reminding us that we serve a risen Savior. Christ's resurrection proclaims that God's demands have been satisfied. Christ rose from the dead proclaiming He accomplished redemption for those who believe. We can have confidence that He took our sin and we receive His righteousness.

The ring of "solas" encircle the church, serving as boundaries that we dare not cross as we try to accomplish God's work God's way for God's glory. The concepts of the solas are the "guardrails" that keep us on the right path.

The solas remind us of ideas central to our Protestant identity which remind us of the church's need to be always reforming, Semper Reformanda. They are the "alones" and a short description of each follows, though more elaboration can be found in The Cambridge Declaration, our philosophy of ministry.

Soli Deo gloria means to God alone be the glory. Our primary purpose as created people is to glorify God. Sola Scriptura means Scripture alone is our ruling authority; it evaluates everything we do as individuals or as a church. Sola gratia means it is God's grace alone that delivers us from our bondage to sin so that we are born again to new life, not by grace plus our human cooperation or any "making up the difference" to help God. Sola Fide means we are saved by grace through faith alone, not by faith plus our own efforts. Solus Christus means we are saved by grace alone through faith alone because of Christ alone. His sacrifice for us is the only thing which could pay for our sin and the only means of having a right relationship with God is Christ's righteousness being credited to our account.

The Providence Church logo reminds us that our God in His wisdom brought about the formation of this church and will ensure its success as we submit to His concerns, glorifying Him in all we do.


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