Tuesday, July 25, 2006

These are the ABCs of me, baby!

One of the greatest things about the Southern Baptist Convention is its missions efforts. So many are able to spread the good news of Jesus Christ due to our concerted efforts and joining forces.

Yet, one of the greatest drawbacks of how we do missions is the way the individual missionaries can be detached from the individual churches. In our program, missionaries do not have to raise their own support, but that also means it's not imperative that individual churches and missionaries develop relationships.

One of our deacon's parents are full-time SBC-IMB missionaries in Japan, so we're able to have a strong relationship with them. One of the greatest things we as Southern Baptists can do for our missionaries is pray for them.

Here one can find some SBC missionaries to single out for prayer, though any and all types of Christian missionaries could use your prayers.

How to pray for them?

Here's a nice article in OnMission magazine that answers that question, particularly helpful for those who know the alphabet: Praying for our missionaries from A to Z.

Your Giving - Your Praying
Your Going - Your Missionaries
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