Friday, June 25, 2010

That's a lovely accent you have. New Jersey?

Saw this 2nd bit while on vacation, but couldn't share until tonight ...

Okay, Miss Teen USA South Carolina was made (in)famous with this clip.

However, after watching a video clip of Peggy West (Milwaukee County Supervisor), perhaps she was on to something with this need for maps! The YouTube Nazis removed it, but you can view Peggy West's criticism of Arizona's immigration stance here.

It was certainly very kind of the senator to let her know by letter that Arizona does indeed border Arizona.

For geography help, Peggy West should consult with the man who's visited 57 (fifty-seven) of these United States.

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At 02 July, 2010 18:40, Blogger Rev. said...

"57 with one left to go...", and not counting Hawaii. 59?

At 03 July, 2010 15:11, Blogger Jade said...

That video of South Carolina is too funny --- so I'm going to refrain from commenting! Well other than that it's too funny!


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