Thursday, May 22, 2008

many leather-bound books

May Giveaway

Canadian Tim Challies (G'Day, mate!) likes to give away stuff and this may just be his best giveaway yet. I heartily encourage you to enter the contest.

Otherwise, we'll have to say, "Take off, you hoser."

$200 of free books from!

You can't beat that with a stick. With 200 bones, you could buy many leather-bound books, which would be particularly nice if your apartment smells of rich mahogany.

May Giveaway


At 22 May, 2008 08:33, Blogger Sean Crowe said...

Gunny, you said: "G'day Mate"
Mr. Challies is from Canada eh, NOT Australia.
That is some bad bull.

You also said: "take off hoser"
That is some good bull. Although I must say, it is pretty sad that most Americans think that Canadians are all like Bob and Doug MacKenzie. Well I gotta go. My back-bacon sandwich is ready and my Molsons is getting warm. Take care, ya hosehead.

At 22 May, 2008 10:33, Blogger Oilcan said...

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

One more book and revival is going to break out.

At 22 May, 2008 13:19, Blogger GUNNY said...

Sean?! C'mon! You gotta know that bit. "G'Day, Mate" is good bull as it's a reference to the collective ignorance of Americans in lumping all commonwealth nations in with the UK and each other.

Actually, it's genesis stems from the movie Dumb & Dumber when the gal is from Austria and they give her some "G'Day, mate! Throw another shrimp on the barbie!"

You see, they were confusing Australia with Austria (almost as bad as Arminians and Armenians).

Perhaps it's just a Providence Church bit, but it's good bull, I can assure you.

Now, back to the Elsinore brewery with you to make sure we don't find another mouse in a bottle of their beer.

At 22 May, 2008 13:53, Blogger Sean Crowe said...

Sorry Gunny. I take back my "bad bull" comment. I can't believe that I missed that reference to the collective ignorance of Americans. I also am sad to say I missed the Dumb and Dumber reference. What is happening to me? I guess I had too much maple syrup this morning. Anyway, I better get going. My sled dogs are getting antsy.
Take care, and keep your stick on the ice, eh.

At 22 May, 2008 14:09, Anonymous Lionel Woods said...

I joined the list thank. Hopefully I win so I can get me a nice t-shirt and some books to have to pack around. It makes me feel real spiritual. How are things brother? I will have to make it out that way again soon

At 22 May, 2008 19:08, Blogger Lance said...

Isn't there a children's book about an elephant named, "Babar"?

I don't know . . . I don't have any.


No . . . elephant books.

At 22 May, 2008 22:04, Blogger GUNNY said...

Is that "Babar" with one "B" or two?

You're saying she moved out?


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