Sunday, August 05, 2007

I'd better not. I have what doctors call a little bit of a weight problem.

Many of these will not be surprising, but I found the fullness of this list enlightening.

I've always thought it was more than coincidence that the cookies were more accessible than the brocoli. So, when I pass by, those Nutter Butters be calling me. I have to tell them, "I better not. I have what doctors call a little bit of a weight problem."

Oh, whenever I go to the grocery store I de-AID the cart with the Clorox Wipes they offer me. I'm glad I do. You should try it.

10 Things Your Grocery Store Doesn't Want You to Know
By Sally Wadyka for MSN Health & Fitness
(These are the bullet points, but you can read the commentary at the link above.)

1. The shopping carts have cooties.

2. Dates are open to interpretation.

3. Kid-friendly food is purposely placed within their reach.

4. They cut up food so they can charge more.

5. Good-for-you foods require bending and reaching.

6. End-of-aisle displays are there to distract you from your mission.

7. Bargains aren’t always a bargain.

8. You’ll walk the store the way they want you to.

9. The salad bar can make you sick.

10. They don’t always clean as often as they should.

(Read the full article.)


At 06 August, 2007 12:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't your new profile picture taken at that place you used to be employed by????

And, what the sheol is my wife doing in your pic???

btw, love the tommy boy reference!

the horhay

At 06 August, 2007 17:28, Blogger Rev. said...

Let's think about [something else] for a sec, Ted, why would [a grocery store] put a guarantee on a box? Hmmm, very interesting.

At 06 August, 2007 18:50, Blogger GUNNY said...

Perhaps they're expecting a visit from the Guarantee Fairy?

"Making model airplanes," says the Fairy. Well, we're not buying it.


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