Monday, October 02, 2006

That had not occurred to us, Dude.

The following is an article that will appear this week in the Wylie News and Murphy Monitor.

It has to do with something that does not often occur to folks, going to God with needs as we humbly cast our cares on Him.

Needing Superhuman Assistance

Recently at Providence Church we had a new air conditioner delivered. There were three men, good-sized lads, a truck and a crane. The crane picked the old unit up off the roof and lowered it down to the ground. They unhooked it and then hoisted up the new one. The thing was huge and the crane slowly took it up and out of sight as it passed the roof line.

I asked myself, “Self, why did they need the crane? How did they know to call in the crane?”

Myself thought those were silly questions. These men would not need to strain in the Texas heat for an extended period of time in order to realize they needed superhuman assistance. They were wise enough to see the job as needing such help before the first bead of sweat.

Then I asked myself, “Self, why aren’t we more like that? Why don’t we recognize the enormity of things in our lives and call for superhuman assistance through prayer?”

For most of us, prayer is the last resort. We seek God’s help after, and only after, we’ve labored on our own, probably looking as foolish as those men might have if they would have tried to put that air conditioner on the roof by themselves.

As a man, I’m familiar with male pride, the aversion to getting help. But even kids develop the “I can do it myself!” mindset. For humans, there’s a lack of humility, a lack perceived need which prevents seeking help, even from God.

The Apostle Peter commands us to humble ourselves before God that He will lift us up and the means of the humbling is “casting all your cares on Him, for He cares for you” (1 Peter 5:6-7).

The Christian life starts with recognition that we can’t do it ourselves; we can’t save ourselves from our sins. We need the sacrifice of Jesus and His righteousness. But even after one becomes a Christian, one still lives a life of dependence. We lean on God in prayer. If you never have, call for His superhuman assistance by believing in Christ and regularly in prayer.


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