Tuesday, April 25, 2006

What we do in life echoes in eternity

I'm 35 years old today. Assuming I make it to 70, I'm closer to death than to birth. If I don't, then I may be closer than I realize. That's a sobering thought.

Perhaps this is not a bad time to assess where I've been, where I am, and where I'm going, or would like to be going. If this is not too depressing, I'll probably do it again at 40. I'm sure you can't wait.

I've been able to enjoy great opportunities to be educated and entrusted with the spiritual care of others, in the local church and the classroom (DTS & SWBTS). Plus, as you can see, God has bless me with a beautiful family, in addition to God's gift of our extended family.

Sarah is almost 7 years old and enjoys gymnastics and 1st grade. She's the most artistic, being quite the singer who picks up songs at church very quickly and enjoys drawing & coloring. She also really likes little babies and wants a cat.

Rachel is 5 and loves play soccer and is in gymnastics as well. She wants to take up karate, but mom & dad are already feeling taxed. Clearly, she adds the sporty spice to our lives. She loves ice cream and when asked today what the blogosphere needed to know about her, she said they need to know about Jesus. She has a tender heart with regard to wanting to please God and her parents.

Eric Jr. LOVES his Thomas trains and so badly wants to play soccer, but only just turned 3. He's a lot of fun, but has realized his ability to be funny. He LOVES Batman, watching the 1966 Adam West movie each day and running throughout the house with his Batman cape declaring, "I'm Batman!"

Victoria is just over a year and has hit the beginning of what I consider the "fun" stage. She can walk, is starting to talk, and is really demonstrating personality (including a courtesy laugh). She's presently going through a "I don't want Mommy out of my sight" stage, which is both flattering and frustrating to Mary Ellen at the same time.
I've had some great opportunities to teach seminary students, which I relish, and I've witnessed God doing great things as He builds His church, a local outpost of which I get to pastor. Lord willing, both of those will continue into the future.

Yet, I'm behind the power curve on my PhD. I would really like to get that thing wrapped up, and sooner rather than later. In the years ahead, I hope to get healthier in eating and sleeping habits, lest I find myself physically hindered from fully enjoying the days God gives me.

God has enabled me many opportunities to invest in the lives of people, spending time in relationships to impact lives to the glory of God. Should God graciously grant me more years, I aim to use them to make a lasting impact in the lives of others for His glory, because what we do in life echose in eternity.


At 26 April, 2006 00:32, Blogger M. Jay Bennett said...

Happy Birthday! That's a handsome family Pastor. What a blessing of the LORD. What a foretaste of the heavenly family of God in Christ. I pray the Lord gives you many more fruitful years in his service.

At 26 April, 2006 00:45, Blogger GUNNY said...

Thank you, brother.

Good point. I can say that being a father of an earthly variety has helped me to have a better grasp of the grace of our Heavenly Father.

This is, of course, a lesson by way or comparison and contrast.

In comparison, when I think of the good I want for my children and the need to discipline them out of love, I'm reminded of the "how much more" nature of the Father's love and sanctifying concern (cf. Luke 11:11-13).

In contrast, when I think of my own selfishness and laziness as a parent, I'm convicted and moved to awe when considering the Father's consistency, stability, and diligence in His relation to His children.

Should I have more days, Deo volente, I hope to learn more than I might better reflect the love of a Heavenly Father toward those with whom I've been entrusted (Ps 127:1-3).

That way, my actions will not be as great of a hindrance to them seeing the love of the Almighty of the universe, as has been demonstrated through His Son (Heb 1:1-3).

At 03 May, 2006 17:47, Anonymous Eric Fido 93 said...

Brother, know that your impact on eternity is often not measured in the moment..or even known while on this earth...but it is nonetheless significant.

For God can use your faithfulness in ways we never realize as He works on the hearts of those He has called.

I feel a burden lifted when someone's salvation is not dependent on my words but His work. Yes, I must be faithful to say the words...but even then He is faithful to put them in my head.



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