Monday, December 21, 2009

What I'd really like to do is put the greatness of this man in perspective.

From time to time folks wonder why there are four different gospel accounts in the New Testament. The short answer is because different writers are giving different perspectives on the same person & work of Jesus, trying to convey unique (but non-contradictory) messages.

What are those messages?
"To some extent, Matthew's Gospel portrays the Lord Jesus primarily as the Jewish Messiah. In fact, it is possible to argue that everything that goes into his account of Christ's life supports that theme. Mark's purpose is to reveal Jesus Christ as God's servant. Luke deals with Christ's humanity. John, however, reveals Jesus as the eternal, preexisting Son of God who became man in order to reveal the Father and to bring men access into eternal life through His historical death and literal resurrection."
- James Montgomery Boice, The Gospel of John, 1.21


At 22 December, 2009 09:16, Blogger Timothy said...

I also like the fact that Luke covers the theme of the Gentiles and Christ as well, more so in Acts. But enough in the gospel to show it weighed heavy on his heart.

At 22 December, 2009 12:55, Blogger GUNNY said...

Indeed, Jesus the Son became human to save humans, including Gentiles. Sometimes I wish the organizers of the canon would have arranged them sequentially, 1 Luke and 2 Luke.


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