Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm ready to know what the people know, ask them my questions and get some answers. What's a fire and why does it ... what's the word? BURN!!!

10 years ago today 12 Aggies lost their lives in the collapse of Bonfire, arguably the greatest college tradition of all time.

I gotta say, I do miss "Bonfar," for the term conjures up for me some of the most miserable and some of the most enjoyable moments of my college days ... nay, of my life.

I fondly remember the way everyone seemed to rally around the fallen Aggies through Texas, even those whose horns needed sawing off.

I appreciate the memorial erected on the campus in their honor, but I hope someday there will be another bonfire at Texas A&M in their honor, to signify student dedication to the school and our burning desire to BTHO t.u.

As we learned as fish in the Corps of Cadets:
"Before the football game with t.u. each year, Aggies gather wood and timber to build a huge Bonfire which symbolizes the burning desire to beat the HELL outta t.u., and the undying spirit that all Aggies have for Texas A&M."
That burning desire has never wavered, but I hope one day to take my kids to experience its expression through the biggest intentional fire on the planet.

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At 04 January, 2010 20:24, Blogger paul said...

A big Class of '85 amen to that, brother! I have a daughter who will be an incoming freshman in the fall and it's impossible to relate to her what she'll miss. Hopefully it will be back some day.


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