Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It says one hundred percent guaranteed, you moron!

Some thoughts that potentially seem unrelated, but not to my small brain.

I want to talk about signs. I know ... "Signs, signs, everywhere signs, etc."

This 1st sign I saw at a local eatery, the Flying Fish. I thought it was a cute way of saying, "Control your young."

This is an example of a good sign, cute, yet effective.

This 2nd sign got my ire up. I saw the sign and thought, "Sweet, color copies. 29 cents? What a bargain. That sounds like a bargain for me."

Well, the check out gal charged me more. I was like, "Hey, do this, don't do that can't you read the sign?" She was like, "Well, that's only for 100 or more copies." I was like, "Really." She was like, "Really, go read the fine print."

I read the fine print; she was right. I was mad. She was uneasy when I took a picture of the sign.

3rd sign ... Back in the day we would frequent Blockbuster video. We were among the many duped into thinking that "NO LATE FEES" meant ... wait for it ... that there were no fees for lateness. Not so much. After a week, they charged me the price of the movie, which was refunded minus a "restocking" fee. I asked, "Isn't that a fee you charged me because the movie was late, making it a "late fee"?

The Attorney General of Texas had to intervene in their shenanigans. We do Netflix.

4th sign ... It's not the first time I've been angered by a misleading sign (my take at least). There's a pizza joint in town that violated its own sign. It said, "If we fail to open your box to show you your pizza, it's FREE." (I didn't have my camera phone back then.)

They handed me my pizza and said, "Thank you, come again." I walked through the door and then immediately walked back in. I said, "Your sign says ..." and read it to him, like he was a child. He was like, "Well, I can open it for you now if you'd like." I appreciated the thought, but would have appreciated more the free pizza. No joy. I've not been back.

Ever been tempted without knowing "the fine print" of a deal? I was watching the Little Mavericks the other night and the lady in the FORD commercial told me, "You can take home a new Ford F-150 for just $189 a month. That's right, just $189 a month." Since I'd been truck watching for about 4 years now, I thought, "Wow! That's really a great deal, assuming you're not making those payments for 30 years."

I have a big plasma TV and I was watching the game in HD, but I noticed something blurry at the bottom of the screen. I got off the couch and read the fine print: "first three payments are $189 on the truck then payments resume to normal amount based on interest rate, term, and down payment." Not cool!

I think this is unethical, but the "Seeker" movement seems to be of that same ilk. There is no "fine print" of the Bible, yet there are many facts kept from the potential "customer" in order to get him/her into the church or down an aisle, etc.

Often so-called "Gospel" presentations will promise things the Gospel does not (happiness, better marriages, obedient children, etc.). But the reality is that coming to Jesus means so much more than (hell)fire insurance.

It means being right with God and one of His children, the consequence of which is no longer being right with the world or the children of the devil. (N.B. Philippians 1:29)

I said all that to say this ... don't be afraid to share the fullness of what it means to be a Christian. We're not justified by works, but there is an expectation of God's people to serve for His honor and glory.


At 29 April, 2008 17:54, Anonymous Lance said...

Nothing quite like bait n switch evangelism.

Dickey's peeves me a bit with their, "kids eat free" policy.

I'm good with one free kid per one adult entree, but if you get the Daily Special, the deal no longer applies.

At 29 April, 2008 19:36, Blogger Rev. said...

All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I'm fine.

At 29 April, 2008 19:53, Blogger GUNNY said...

Hey, that is unsat.

I also appreciate the "Kids eat free" on Sundays and Tuesday nights.

But, we never handle up on the special, so I didn't know.

Also, they have like $2.99 sandwiches on Wednesday or some such.

At 29 April, 2008 20:53, Anonymous Lance said...

I always enjoy phone calls from folks who say:
"You've just won one of four fabulous prizes!" (then they list them)

My response:
"They all sound great. Why don't you pick the one you want me to have and send it to me."

An interesting conversation then ensues on the simantics of the term, "gift."

At 29 April, 2008 21:31, Blogger GUNNY said...

A potentially nice lead in to discussing the "Gift of God" as well.

I've actually heard that some folks will say, "Okay, I'll listen to your slooge, if then you listen to my bit about Jesus. Deal?"

At 30 April, 2008 09:31, Blogger Timothy said...

Yes, I love the way you worked us from signs, to something meatier. I should have read the fine print. :)

At 30 April, 2008 09:36, Blogger Jared Nelson said...

Great Post!!!

At 30 April, 2008 22:35, Blogger Jesus Girl said...

My kids had never had ice cream from an ice cream truck, as in "ice cream!" The truck was stopped in our culd-e-sac so I went and grabbed my purse. Two little girls were purchasing ice creams as I savored the opportunity to share with my children the classic joy of getting ice cream from the ice cream truck. So we made our choices and as she was handing them out she said "would it be okay if I opened them for them"? I thought, sure why not. I said "yes, thank you." (or something to that nature) After the children all had their ice creams and I started in on mine it was time to pay up. I asked what I owed her. She said "two, four, six, eight... eight dollars." I made an unpleasant face and a look of disappointment towards her and said "wow, eight dollars" as I handed her the money.

I wanted to hand all of the ice cream back to her and say no thanks and see where she went with that. But no. I responded in a way that probably keeps her asking price so high. I bit my tongue and let my kids enjoy their first and only experience with the ice cream truck.

Vengence is the Lord's

At 30 April, 2008 23:10, Blogger GUNNY said...

8 bones for that?!

Highway robbery that is.

Your grace to your children will not go unnoticed, however.

Your children did not have to watch the neighborhood children consuming ice cream while they heard taunts along the lines of "I got my ice cream. You didn't get none. I got my ice cream! I got my ice cream and I'm gonna eat it all, I'm gonna eat it all. You didn't get none. You didn't get none. You didn't get none. You can't afford it. You can't afford it. Wanna lick? Sike!"

I remember back in the day getting fudgecicles for a quarter. Those were good times.

At 01 May, 2008 09:56, Blogger samurai said...

I snorted Dr Pepper out my nose when I read the sign about managing your children! LOL That was hilarious!

I no longer have the picture, and I had not realized it when I took it, but there was a pair of signs in my woodshop in High School.

Above the door, in bright red letters, "Emergency Exit through this door", below in bold letters, on the window so as to back light it, "Absolutely NO students permitted outside". LOL

Thank you for sharing Gunny.

At 01 May, 2008 10:04, Blogger GUNNY said...


I enjoy a Dr. Pepper as much as the next fellow, but I bet it stings the nostrils using it in that fashion!

That sign is greatness, isn't it?

I've toyed with the idea of getting one of those for church.



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