Thursday, April 03, 2008

He'll be crying himself to sleep tonight, on his huge pillow.

Many of us have Church History heroes, chief for me is George Whitefield, the Reformed English evangelist & fellow Oxford alum.

Here is a list of questions Whitefield would ask himself each night "as a basis of judging on his actions during the day."

Have I,
  1. Been fervent in private prayer?
  2. Used stated hours of prayer?
  3. Used ejaculation every hour?
  4. After or before every deliberate conversation or action, considered how it might tend to God's glory?
  5. After any pleasure, immediately given thanks?
  6. Planned business for the day?
  7. Been simple and recollected in everything?
  8. Been zealous in undertaking and active in doing what good I could?
  9. Been meek, cheerful, affable in everything I said or did?
  10. Been proud, vain, unchaste, or enviable of others?
  11. Recollected in eating and drinking? Thankful? Temperate in sleep?
  12. Taken time for giving thanks according to [William] Law's rules?
  13. Been diligent in studies?
  14. Thought or spoken unkindly of anyone?
  15. Confessed all sins?
-Dallimore, George Whitefield, 1:80
Any other self-examination questions you've found helpful?


At 03 April, 2008 17:10, Blogger Rev. said...

A better line would have come from 'The Princess Bride', "Humiliations galore!" Wow, very challenging, bro, very challenging. I'll be tatooing this list on my forehead and checking it every 10 minutes, then people will say things like, "I'm not kidding, that boy's head is like Sputnik; spherical but quite pointy at parts!"

At 03 April, 2008 17:34, Blogger GUNNY said...

Amen. It would help fight the pride factor, so I don't hear people behind my back saying my head is like an orange on a toothpick!

Nice Princess Bride quote. That would have fit nicely. I'll file that away for future use.

Danke for the tip.

At 03 April, 2008 19:45, Blogger Reepicheep said...

Ummm...I'm afraid to look up what he means by #3 (sorry, I went to Public School). If I do, it'll definitely show up on my Covenant Eyes Internet report and I'll have to answer to Hough. Do explain....

At 03 April, 2008 22:30, Blogger Morris Brooks said...

Have you read Whitefield's journal? You see those questions put to action.

At 03 April, 2008 22:50, Blogger GUNNY said...

Amen, Morris, and thanks for the recommendation.

Why do you think he's my (human) hero?

Biographical stuff on Whitefield is most edifying and highly recommended.

Incidentally, I'm not alone in being a Whitefield fan ...

"There is no end to the interest which attaches to such a man as George Whitefield. Often as I have read his life, I am conscious of distinct quickening whenever I turn to it. HE LIVED. Other men seem to be only half-alive; but Whitefield was all life, fire, wing, force. My own model, if I may have such a thing in due subordination to my Lord, is George Whitefield; but with unequal footsteps must I follow in his glorious track."
-Charles Haddon Spurgeon, 1879

At 07 April, 2008 09:26, Blogger samurai said...

I have not delved into this Preacher's works (despite being a distant relative). This list is just an awesome thing to meditate on.

Thank you for sharing.


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