Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Leave the gun. Take the cannoli.

I saw this yesterday and gave a chuckle ...

"Dallas police, officials discourage random gunfire"

That seems well, a bit understated to me. The headline doesn't quite tell the whole story:
"Dallas Police Chief David Kunkle and two top City Council officers made a New Year's Eve plea this morning that people not celebrate tonight by randomly firing guns around the city."

I didn't know people still did that. You'd see this in old western movies, celebrating with random gunfire in the air.

My grandpa used to do this as well. New Year's Eve when the clock got to midnight he shot a few rounds into the air off the front porch.

I remember as a kid asking him where the bullets went. He said something to the effect of "I don't know" and the conversation was over.

But I have wondered about that ever since. Do they disappear into the atmosphere? Do they travel to the moon? Do they eventually come back to earth in Canada?

Or do they travel back down and hit people, houses, dogs, cars, etc.?

Any ideas?


At 02 January, 2008 14:26, Blogger indianaBeck said...

They do it in Indy. What goes up, must come down.

At 02 January, 2008 15:04, Blogger samurai said...

Happy New Year Gunny.

At 02 January, 2008 15:53, Blogger GUNNY said...


That's wild! I appreciate the old school celebration, but fireworks should be sufficient.

I'm guessing folks build their houses with bullet-proof roofs up there?



Thanks, brother. Keep your blade sharp in '08.

At 02 January, 2008 16:43, Blogger Matthew Bradley said...

I have a friend that lives in a nice old house in Oak Cliff. He said on New Year's Eve he stays out on the porch as long as he can, but is usually run into the house by the falling rounds from random celebratory gunshots. At the rate I assume he pays property taxes, you'd think he wouldn't have to put up with that! :^)

At 02 January, 2008 20:29, Anonymous mark t said...

Didn't we have a DTS prof a few years back get hit from a bullet out of the sky? Or is this my imagination? Maybe within the past 10 years.

At 02 January, 2008 20:36, Blogger Jade said...

Are there real cannolis in Texas? :o) I only know of the ones here in New York made by real italians. :ob

At 02 January, 2008 22:29, Anonymous Ron said...

They do come back down, with enough velocity to be lethal.

At 02 January, 2008 22:59, Blogger GUNNY said...


Great find. Thanks.

I thought that had to be the case, but I'm guessing those who celebrate in this way think otherwise.

Remember Tombstone where they're shooting up in the ceiling when they were enjoying the show in the theater?

What's up with that? Don't the Cowboys know that sometimes people live about the joint?

I'm going to say that the police should not only "discourage" random gunfire, but should also "encourage" them to shoot into the grass, if they are going to shoot.

You still get the same sound and if you fire two at the same time in rapid succession, then you might get to lift off the ground a bit like Yosemite Sam often did.


No doubt. You'd expect your tax dollars to get you a little more love.

Mark T,

That sounds vaguely familiar, but I don't know with any resoluteness.


All I can say is that if we do have cannoli in Texas, they'd be Texas size and bigger, since everything's bigger in Texas!

At 03 January, 2008 09:05, Blogger Timothy said...

I'm not sure if they were firing guns , but it sounded like a war-zone here on Monday night. One reason I don't care much for the holiday. It's just a reason for the rednecks to get drunk and act stupid. :)

At 03 January, 2008 09:15, Blogger shy_smiley said...

Gunny, been enjoying your blog for a month or so now. Just returned from visiting family over the holidays in Houston. Fireworks are legal there in Texas, but illegal here in Arizona. People do still fire rounds into the air at New Year's (and not just in Tombstone), what goes up must come down, yadda yadda yadda. On New Year's a kid was grazed by a falling bullet just after midnight in South Tucson. I like your idea of firing rounds into the ground. Though I've never shot a gun in my life I think it would be more satisfying to actually hit something!

At 03 January, 2008 09:51, Blogger Jesus Girl said...

I'm with you on the ground shooting plan B bit.

At 03 January, 2008 10:12, Blogger Oilcan said...

The Godfather

At 03 January, 2008 11:16, Blogger GUNNY said...


C'mon. You really think they need a reason?!


At 03 January, 2008 11:50, Blogger indianaBeck said...

Stray bullet strikes kid on log flume

At 03 January, 2008 11:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the DTS prof rode the Texas Chute Out and was simply telling the class that he came down faster than he went up.

I think I heard him talk about this in chapel, the day after Mark T. spoke in chapel.

At 03 January, 2008 13:17, Blogger GUNNY said...

I got to be pretty strategic with my chapel attendance, using my "skips" wisely.

In 3 years I think there were only 2 chapels that I regretted missing.

The one where Mark T. spoke on the resurrection was at the top of the list.

At 05 January, 2008 01:13, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's see, a bunch or rednecks get drunk on New Year's Eve and start shooting into the ground. My guess is there will be a lot of gunshot wounds to the foot being treated in the ER's. But hey, at least they shoot themselves and not someone else.


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