Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hey, I got Bob Sugar on the other line; I better hear you say it!

Chris J. Cote' (aka Glaucoma Dog) posted this and I thought it a brilliant exercise:

How would you summarize the storyline of the Bible in one sentence?

I took a stab on his blog, but don't want to corrupt your offering ... not yet anyway.

I figure after after a half-dozen or so, I'll give my meager offering for your consideration.

So, what say you? Don't be a coward, especially if you're a seminary student/graduate. Let's see some fruit of that labor (and financial investment).


At 04 April, 2007 20:14, Blogger Kelly Brumbelow said...

One sentence? And I assume you don't mean Francis Turretin 400 word in latin sentences. Hmm...

Outside of time, the triune God, being Holy and sufficient, caused the universe to come into being and in so doing created mankind (perfect and in His own image), however mankind rebelled against God (each every one of them); however, God ,the Father, had given a portion of humanity and all of creation to God, HIs Son, and so God revealed Himself progressively and personally to fallen man to the point of Incarnation (the Son), when mankind still in rebellion both corporately and individually had him murdered according to God's own plan thereby providing propitiation and fulfillment of the law for those whom He was given; being completely innocent of rebellion and violations of the law, Christ (the incarnate-person of the trinity) was raised from the dead leading the way for his return to a renewed creation for which we wait while being witnesses to God's revelation.

Oops I failed the non Turetin test.

At 04 April, 2007 22:32, Blogger M. Jay Bennett said...

The triune God has purposed to glorify himself in creation (emanate his being) through the historical antitheses of redemption and reprobation culminating in eternal life and eternal death, respectively.

At 04 April, 2007 23:30, Blogger GUNNY said...

Hmm. I may have to go back and revise mine a bit now ...

Thanks, brothers, you got us off to a GREAT start.

Kelly, Turretin would be proud, only counting points off for it not being in Latin.

; -)

At 05 April, 2007 08:27, Blogger Lance said...

As a child of the enlightenment, I will be brief:

Hope Lost

Hope Restored

God Praised

And . . . I may need hip replacement surgery.

At 05 April, 2007 08:53, Blogger Rev. said...

One sentence?

The Bible is the story of how the King of kings glorifies Himself in His dealings with those who have committed high treason against Him, restoring a group of rebels through His mercy and giving just recompense to those who refuse His pardon.

Was that a run-on?

At 12 April, 2007 16:59, Blogger etoc said...

I'm WAY late on participating here, but . . . being the aforesaid Glaucoma Dog, I offer my most concise (and certainly yours, in-light of the responses) answer:

"Creation v.1.0"

Of course, I'd elaborate with the covenants (Noahic= v. 1.1., Abrahamic v. 1.2, etc.), the new heavens and new earth=Creation v. 2.0, and Jesus and the Church would have to represent the Creation v. 2.0 beta.

At 12 April, 2007 17:12, Blogger GUNNY said...

My first shot ...

The glory of God is revealed through His interaction with His creation, including, but not limited to, His glorious grace in the redemption of many and His glorious justice in the punishment of the rebellious.


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