Monday, December 03, 2012

I love the smell of commerce in the morning.

I don't usually go to the mall, but when I do I prefer THIS happen.

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At 03 December, 2012 13:09, Anonymous Steve Martin said...


They'd probably call the police and have the singers arrested, where I live.

Our church has been sending Christmas cards to a local V.A. Hospital for many years. This year we got a letter from them telling us NOT to send any religious based Christmas cards.

Thanks for sharing!

At 03 December, 2012 14:04, Blogger GUNNY said...

I know, right?! Makes me almost want to risk a trip to the mall.

Sorry to hear that about the hospital. That's a shame; it really is.

It's cliche, of course, but did they forget that "Jesus is the reason for the season"?


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