Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Show me the money!

For the longest time I couldn't understand why my Reformed Baptist friends (e.g., Brian, Jay & Matt) were jumping ship to the PCA.

Oh, I heard excuses like, "I'm covenantal now and this infant baptism thing is not all that silly after all" and "The PCA is more welcoming to my Reformedness than the SBC," but now I know the truth.

They must have adopted the Tidwell family motto: "Show me the money!"

What Pastors Get Paid
(Results from Christianity Today International’s latest nationwide research.)
"Presbyterian senior pastors earned the most in our survey—their average salary plus housing/parsonage was $78,000, while Baptist senior pastors earned next to last--$67,000."

However, unless Brian is taking the stealth approach to moving Tony out of the way, making him an offer he can't refuse so he doesn't have to sleep with the fishes, he might reconsider being a youth pastor in the PCA.
"But virtually the opposite was true for youth pastors. Baptist youth pastors earned near the top--$44,000 in salary plus housing, while Presbyterian youth pastors earned near the bottom--$36,000."

As a side note, the explanation for the discrepancy among youth pastor salaries was interesting:
"Baptist churches value youth ministry more"

I did not know that, but I read it on the Internet, so it must be true.


At 18 September, 2007 09:20, Blogger M. Jay Bennett said...

CT reports:

"Our annual compilation of ministry salaries is out, and this year’s tally produced a few surprises:
• If you want to make more money, switch denominations.
• Female solo pastors make more.
• The extra degree is worth the money."

So, after switching denominations from SBC to PCA, next on the list:

(1) Get that PhD
(2) Get that sex change operation

Then I'll really be rolling in the dough!

I wonder if a divorce might hurt my earning potential? :-)

At 18 September, 2007 09:30, Blogger Matt Bradley said...

Gun..I'd respond to this, but I'm on my way to the bank. :^)

At 18 September, 2007 10:20, Blogger GUNNY said...

Whoop! and Cha-Ching!

At 18 September, 2007 10:46, Blogger Timothy said...

Hi Gunny,
Yes, that was a common joke among the interns at PCPC when I was there. What is the difference between the PCA and the SBC? About $10,000 a year!

At 18 September, 2007 15:50, Blogger Lance said...

Presbyterians can pay their pastors more, because their water bills are lower than Baptists' :).

At 18 September, 2007 18:27, Anonymous steph said...

So Gun.. how much does the prov pay its youth pastor..?

At 19 September, 2007 02:01, Blogger dogpreacher said...

Youth pastors...hmmm, don't get me started.#:-]#

At 19 September, 2007 10:50, Anonymous jade said...

if (part of) their excuse is covenant theology, then they have misunderstood covenant theology. CT does NOT necessarily imply infant baptism. You should urge them to attend the upcoming conference where such a topic will be discussed. If they can't attend that they should read Covenant Theology: From Adam to Christ by Nehemiah Coxe and John Owen.

At 20 September, 2007 12:19, Blogger Hough said...

Just out of curiosity: if Baptists value youth ministry more because they pay youth pastors more, do Presbyterians care more about the whole flock since they pay their pastors more?

At 20 September, 2007 12:41, Blogger Matt Bradley said...


Nicely done, Mr. Hough.

At 20 September, 2007 15:25, Blogger AJF said...

Good answer Brian! We're raising your salary because of it! Cancel that blood donation thing you were going to do for $30.

Funny post though Gunny!

I assure you I don't make $78,000...not really close.

At 20 September, 2007 15:47, Blogger GUNNY said...

I feel ya, Tony.

I'd be more than happy to be brought up to $67,000! But, I only have about 10 years of pastoral experience, so I shouldn't expect too much, I guess.


See, Brian? I told you we could work a raise out of this for you. Just don't forget my cut, payable in White Castles, of course.


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