Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Adieu, auf wiedersehen, gesundheit, farewell.

Some of us, like my bad self, who lived in England during her tenure, remember her fondly. But for those less familiar, here's some good Margaret Thatcher for ya.

This is from what we might consider her farewell "address" to the British parliament. Incidentally, she's right on the money identifying the liberal approach to the gap between the rich & the poor.

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At 30 July, 2011 07:19, Blogger Jade said...

That Thatcher is one sharp lady ...

At 19 August, 2011 09:11, Anonymous Brett C. Goodman said...

Gunny, My wife and I viewed the Thatcher video clip. Just a reminder of how smart, insightful and witty she was. She was the real deal. Thanks for the post.


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