Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nice to have a family. A man should take care, see that nothing happens to them.

You're probably at least somewhat familiar with Obamacare, aka the Affordable Care Act (sic). Like other ponzi schemes, it relies on those who don't really need and it won't use it to carry the financial burden of those who will need and use it.

Because Obamamacre is not a product good enough to sell itself, there have been millions of taxpayer dollars and many hours of celebrity and presidential time spent to sell it, especially to young people.
But, it's much wiser, particularly finanically, for the young person to just pay the fine than to sign up for "affordable" health coverage that is not needed.

President Obaama recently tweeted in an attempt to persuade young Americans that they aren't "invincible," and should, therefore, get covered. However, that which is most appealing about Obamacare may indeed be the greatest obstacle to young people signing up and funding it. That is, thanks to the ACA, a person cannot now be denied coverage based on a preexisting condition.

So, should a young person unfortunately find out, the hard way, that he or she indeed is not invincible through injury or diagnosis of some malady, that person just signs up after the fact, knowing coverage is guaranteed.

I could be wrong, but it would seem this scare tactic is predicated upon ignorance of Obamacare in order to be effective.  Nancy et al have passed it and we now know what's in it. At least, some of us do, and we are scared, but not of lacking coverage, but of what this albatross will further do to the economy, to losses of coverage, and to the already overly burdened taxpayer.

If you like your healthcare plan ...


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