Monday, January 16, 2012

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.

The greatest piece of music ... ever.

Read Ed Stetzer's thoughts on how we should talk about sex.

Read about the American response when General Patton urinated on the enemy.

Read about Alveda King's plea for Planned Parenthood to stop lying about her uncle, Martin Luther the King, implying he would have supported abortion.

Read about the SC attorney general looking into election fraud after 900 dead people voted in recent elections.

Check out how to shrink your church.

Check out 13 things baristas won't tell you.

Read about the re-formation of Van Halen with original David Lee Roth & Wolfgang on bass in place of Michael Anthony.

Read about that which is omitted on Planned Parenthood's description of the abortion process.

Check out why Islam should NOT be protected under the US Constitution.

Read about Tim Tebow's incredible kindness & generosity to those who are hurting.

Check out 8 Lines That Would Have Ended Star Wars Really Fast.

Read about the right attitude to have when correcting children.

Check out Martin Luther the King's "Dream."

Read about the SBC annual meeting where Mohammed was called, "A demon-possessed pedophile."

Read 13 things a burglar won't say.

Check out the 10 best survival movie lessons.

Check out 3 myths about church dropouts.

Read D.A. Carson's thoughts on whether or not the tithe is biblical.

Read Learning from Christopher Hitchens: Lessons Evangelicals Must Not Miss by Al Mohler.

Read about how to grow a church without God.

Check out 31 foregone facts Barack Obama fans should ponder.

Read about the 2 stars of TLC's "All-American Muslim" busted for marijuana.

Check out 10 reasons Ron Paul can win in 2012.

Check out why Martin Luther the King was a Republican.

Check out 50 tips for language learners.

Read William Mounce's thoughts on whether or not Jesus was rude to his mother, Mary, in John 2:4.

Check out 20 secrets your waiter won't tell you.

Read Martin Luther the King's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail."



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