Monday, January 09, 2012

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.

Read 41 secrets your doctor would never share.

Read 13 things your pizza guy won't tell you.

Check out the 50 greatest guitar solos.

Check out this personal note to any girl who wants to get married. (PG-13)

Read John Piper's questions to ask when preparing for marriage.

Read about the man killed after posting on Facebook.

Check out "24 things you might be saying wrong" [sic].

Check out the self-explantory blog, Chicks on the Right.

Check out these hotel secrets you need to know.

Check out 8 more things your hotel desk clerk wont' tell you.

Check out Dirty Secrets: What You Need to Know About Your Hotel Room.

Read about Todd Palin's endorsement of Newt Gingrich.

Read about the very poor ratings of TLC's "All-American Muslim" show.

Check out John MacArthur's answer to the question, "Is infant baptism biblical?"

Check out 5 popular myths you shouldn't believe.

Check out Rush's prediction of the 2012 outcome.

Read about 6 things casinos don't want you to know about your odds.

Check out Jimmy Carter's endorsement of Mitt Romney.

Check out 13 things your mall Santa won't tell you.

Read about Rush's disapproval of the moderation/moderators of the GOP primary debates.

Check out top 10 SAT tips.

Check out 5 things you spend money on, then never use.

Check out 7 tips to raising financially savy kids.

Check out 6 new year's resolutions for saving money.

Check out 13 secrets to stop wasting cash now.

Read 5 steps to easier family finances.

Check out 10 things you should never buy at garage sales.

Read life lessons you can learn from the super rich.

Check out 4 tricks companies use to make you buy.

Check out 5 common mistakes people make with their money.

Read about busting the "too much credit" myth.

Check out 6 things not worth the money.

Check out things of value you may have in your garage.

Check out 13 secret tactics of marketers.

Read 10 frugal tips to happiness on a tight budget.

Check out 10 things every parent should know about colleges.

Check out 15 jobs you can land without going to college.

Check out the 10 worst mistakes of first-time job hunters.

Check out 10 cover letter disasters that won't get you an interview.

Read about the teen tortured and beheaded Oklahoma & the media's lack of reporting of this and other instances of Mexican drug cartel violence.

Check out 4 hidden stroke & heart attack symptoms (including video).

Check out reason 1,798 that liberals are just plain wrong.

Read about 10 things IT professionals don't want you to know.

Check out the chances of high school to pro ball (by sport).

Check out 10 things you didn't know about you.

Check out 50+ easy ways to lose weight.

Check out 10 "As Seen on TV" reviews.

Read "Know a Christian Who Seems to Love Movies More Than Jesus?" by John Piper.



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