Monday, December 05, 2011

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.

Something we should all know how to do, make a hobo stove.

Read about 10 things you didn't know about YOU.

Read 5 things hiring managers won't tell you.

Read about the 25th bipartisan jobs bill passed by the house awaiting Senate vote.

Check out these gifts NOT to give women.

Read these top 10 SAT test taking tips.

Check out how to shrink your church.

Read about the Senate bill that legalizes sodomy AND bestiality in the United States Military.

Read about the Lottie Moon for whom the SBC's missions offering was named.

Check out John Piper's questions to ask when preparing for marriage.

Check out how to write philosophy, 10 steps to build a solid term paper.

Read about John Owen and the “Normal” Christian Life: Or Sanctification in an Era of Confusion by John D. Hannah.

Check out the United States National Debt -- 233 years in the making.

Read about 10 common, but easily corrected errors.

Read about why income inequality is pure myth.

Read the CNN article about why young Christians aren't waiting anymore, having sex almost as much as their non-Christian peers.

Read 12 extremely disappointing facts about popular music.



At 12 December, 2011 08:06, Blogger chamblee54 said...

I was looking through my archives, and I found a post, with a reference to your blog. The post was from December 2008. I am pleased to see that you are still in the blogging business.

At 18 December, 2011 16:55, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Texas & Oklahoma.
Baldwin talks like never before.
Everyone's up to their ANESS in CONES and SCONES.
She 's IRA?
Well if she's IRA, tell me where's the IRISH?
I get RUSH and ROVE.
They were born bastards , but not MANN.
She got used.
And it was a good clue when they hired a killer already who is " BILLY" who took over that UM " Gig" with ZETAS
It gets difficult to separate fact from fiction, especially if you
live it.
MANN did.
She came from zero town, and remained the hick she was.
He " progressed".
He knew what was going on .
And he grabbed it as an opportunity.
Not as an adventure like a typical small town kid .
Forever ruthless.
They never have any regrets.
Just ask them.
You can even ask " Billy Boo 222".
Anybody want to tell us what is TWINGOU?
That's the " BELLY"?


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