Monday, September 19, 2011

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.

Check out the new blog, Evangelicals for Perry.

Check out the new rules for job hunting in the Internet age.

Check out this bad bull story wherein the groom is killed on his wedding day by his drunk driving brother.

Read about the Florida family awarded $4.5 million because the doctor's office didn't warn them about their baby being born without arms and only one leg, because they would have aborted him had they known.

Check out Wendy's reinvention of the burger.

Check out things you should know about the US Postal Service before it goes bankrupt.

Check out Daryl Wingerd's thoughts on "How to Find a Wife."

Check out Stacy Swimp's 3 part series, Walking off the Democrat Plantation:
Read Part 1 - The Providence of Change.
Read Part 2 - The Democrat Party's Shameful Past.
Read Part 3 - Where Black Americans Are Today.

Check out federal AIDS money being spent at the strip joint.

Check out Razor's ideas to improve the experience of watching hockey on television.

Check out Herman Cain taking on the entire MSNBC post-debate roundtable.

Check out this article about women's worth in Islam.

Check out this query as to why we still give aide to China.

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