Monday, July 25, 2011

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.

Read the Texas Monthly article explaining Governor Rick Perry to the Yankee.

Read about 5 reasons the pro-life movement is winning.

Check out Conservative Reformed Mafia's new page detailing the contributing bloggers.

Read this reminder that social security is not an "entitlement."

Read 6 things Americans should know about the 2nd Amendment.

Read about shooting on a shoestring, for the thrifty who would don't want to outsource home defense.

Read about the most inexpensive firearms to own & shoot.

Read about the woman arrested for groping a TSA agent's breast.

Read about federal funds used for sidewalks to nowhere.

Read about dog heroes needing new homes.

Read about President Obama's use of executive order to pass gun restrictions in border states.

Read about the origin of the 21 gun salute.

Check out 10 characteristics of good leadership.

Read about Tim Kurkjian's description of the Cardinals vs. Reds rivalry as a "heated" one.

Read the Harvard report that 4th of July parades are right-wing.

Read the article about his focus & fire being the things that still drive Cardinals' manager Tony LaRussa to success and toward Cooperstown.

Check out these truths we dare not speak about illegal immigration.

Check out these 50 US health care statistics that will absolutely astonish you.

Read about 10 things you might not know about America's independence.

Read Congressman Allen West's newsletter where he documents grievances regarding the Declaration of Independence.

Read about the niece of Martin Luther the King drawing parallels between slavery and abortion.

Read an explanation of Charles Krauthammer's success.

Check out the website "Answering Muslims."

Read Al Mohler's article, "When the Church Bows to the State: Gay Bishops in the Church of England."

Read about the TSA standing by the actions of the agents who accosted the 95 year old woman in Florida, including the removal of her adult diaper.

Check out the top 10 Lakers moments of 2010-11.

Read this tipping guide.

Read about the Peoria mob terrorizing the neighborhood, including shouts of "Kill all the white people."

Read about the security breach at JFK airport after a man flew to Los Angeles without a ticket or an ID.

Read the Washington Times article arguing that Ronald Reagan's vision lives on ... in Texas.

Read about the TSA missing a loaded .40 cal Glock in a man's carry-on bag.

Read the USA Today article about how Texas wins in the economic shift.

Read "Defending Darth: Death Star PR Gripes About TIME's 'Top 10 Worst Fictional Fathers' List."

Read about Muslims, and only Muslims, getting prayer rooms in San Diego public (i.e., taxpayer funded) schools.

Read about the Norwegian 14 year old who committed suicide after being gang raped by Muslim immigrants.

Read about the TSA expanding pat downs and check points to other modes of transportation.

Read about the problems in England with pedophile gang rapes by Muslims who feel justified via the Koran.

Read about affirmative action's demoralizing and racist results.

Check out what teachers' unions won't tell you about school layoffs.

Read about welfare at its worst as this baby-maker is the family's breadwinner.

Check out this groundbreaking US Supreme Court decision regarding the 9th & 10th amendments.

Read about why other people's children matter too.

Read about (recipient of bailout) General Motors to invest $540 million in Mexico to build automobiles.

Read about Sheila Jackson Lee's concerns that "Christian militants" might bring down this country.

Read these top 10 pet owner mistakes.

Read about Michael New, a soldier in hot water for refusal to wear the UN insignia & uniform instead of that to which he pledged allegiance.

Read about Kosovo Muslims desecrating a church, using it as a public toilet, waste dump.

Read about Texas & California being two different options of examples to follow regarding fiscal policies.

Read about the document imaging expert informing the FBI that President Obama's certificate of live birth is a forgery.

Read about the Tennessee Planned Parenthood business losing tax payer funding.

Check out the FoxNews video clip suggesting that the mainstream media is "picking on" Sarah Palin.



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