Monday, June 13, 2011

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.

Check out the relaunch of Conservative Reformed Mafia, a group blog of which I'm a part.

Read Charles Krauthammer's National Review piece wherein he asks and answers the following questions: Is It Incompetence or Ideology? Should Republicans run against Obama’s hyper-liberalism or his abysmal economic stewardship?

Read about middle-aged men having "hotness delusion syndrome."

Read about the fight in which one man bit off and actually swallowed the ear of another.

Check out James MacDonald's post: "Congregational Government is From Satan."

Read about how the Gov. Sarah Palin email frenzy backfired on her media antagonists.

Check out Norman Mailer's Top 10 Favorite American Novels he read.

Check out Ted Nugent's pick for president.

Read Outlawing Abortion: Making the Case for an Incremental Approach.

Read this USA Today piece further detailing our financial demise as "U.S. funding for future promises lags by trillions."

Read about the NM free speech controversy sparked by a jilted boyfriend who used a billboard to advertise that his ex-girlfriend got an abortion.

Check out 50 Awesome Things about Babies.

Read about the mother planning to transfer her womb to her daughter.

Check out TV executives admission in taped interviews that Hollywood pushes a liberal agenda (Exclusive Video).

Check out this Washington Times story, "One law for us, another for you," an attempt to expose legislative hypocrisy.

Read about talk of MLB realignment.

Check out the follow up to the Elizabeth Smart Case--Street preacher gets life in prison for kidnapping, rape.

Read about the Australian Naval Cadet's allegations that she was raped and forced to cover it up by the Navy.

Read about RC Sproul, Jr's addressing the topic of the moral law & polygamy.

Check out tough questions of justice raised by a Kansas City 5 year old girl who drowned an infant to stop it from crying.

Read about alleged comedian Titus joking about killing Sarah Palin if she gets elected president.

Read about the man arrested on an aggravated assault charge over not getting a free refill at McDonald's.

Read about how the US Supreme Court has allowed for in-state tuition for illegal aliens (i.e., criminal trespassers, but not legal US tax-paying residents of other states, of course).

Read about how the head of the NJ teachers union makes $550,000 a year, 2x that of the governor and 10x that of the average American.

Read Dan Phillips' thoughts on voting skin color.

Read Vern Poythress' thoughts on the problematic outlook of some scientists.

Read about the propaganda technique of transfer.

Read about the ad hominem fallacy.

Read about the red herring fallacy.

Read about International Criminal Court's charges that Quaddafi ordered mass rapes and even gave his soldiers "Viagra-type" drugs to encourage his troops to attack women.

Read a case against the (ab)use the of the Em Dash.

Read Thom Rainer's tutorial for Millennials regarding email communication.

Read about 28 Pro-Life senators defending Indiana against Obama Administration.

Read about Fidel Castro's denunciation of the hit on Osama Bin Laden.

Read about Thomas Sowell and the popular notion/myth that the rich get rich by [necessarily] making the poor poor.

Read about growing concerns over the Obama Administration's minimization and/or denial of press access.

Read about President Obama signing a proclamation to designate June as LGBT Pride Month (i.e., Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender)."

Read about potential implications of research showing only 1.4% of population is gay.

Read about the ACLU suing over prisoners' rights to pornography.

Read about the Lakers plans to retire Shaq's jersey.

Read about Egyptian women being forced to undergo virginity tests.

Check out the difference between Palin, West, Bush and Obama, in pictures.

Check out before & after pictures of Joplin, Missouri.

Read about NY Representative Anthony Weiner's inappropriate joking about allegations made about him, which he initially vehemently denied.

Check out this collection of Anthony Weiner coverage, including initial reports that he was a Republican. (He's actually a NY Democrat.)

Check out this chronicle of stories showing the development of the Anthony Weiner story.

Read about how last night's Mavericks' championship pulled the highest rating for a Game 6 in 11 years, and wonder, "Were viewers Mavs fans or Heat haters?"

Read reasons why President Obama's birth certificate has been deemed as phony.

Read about the 8th grade field trip that included lunch at Hooters.

Read about how a mother of a "Family Guy" actor thinks the show is corrupting America's youth and she hopes it gets canceled.

Read about TSA's response to Texas legislation which would make it a state offense for any public servant to touch a person’s private areas, or touch them in a way a reasonable person would consider offensive, as a condition of travel or entering a public building.

Check out Mark Levin's displeasure over conservatives bashing other conservatives (i.e., Palin, Bachmann, and Cain).

Read about Florida requiring drug testing for welfare recipients starting July 1st.

Check out this cool Google Chrome YouTube commercial. (HT Jade)

Read about the 17 year old not allowed to wear her US Marine Corps uniform at her high school graduation.

Read about the family of the man who shouted "Allahu Akbar!" while he stormed the airplane cockpit defending his actions, suggesting he was probably just looking for the restroom.

Check out this National Review piece that exposes what really radicalizes Muslims ... Islam.



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