Saturday, May 28, 2011

Any man don't wanna get killed better clear on out the back.

Much has been said about the negative impact of immigration, particularly illegal immigration, in this country. However, it's a problem in Europe as well.

In Oslo, Norway, there's a particular problem their having with foreigners being rapists. In fact, ALL rapes in Oslo last year were committed by "men of non-Western background."
"From 2005-2010 a total of 86 sexual assaults involving rape was reported. In 83 cases the man was described as having 'non-western appearance'; these are all the cases in which the perpetrator could be identified by the victim."

It would appear the religion (e.g., Islam) plays a part in such treatment of women, as the following news clip shows.

"I think when a person has been found guilty of rape he should be castrated. That would stop him pretty quick."
~Billy Graham


At 01 June, 2011 21:44, Blogger Rev. said...

"Men of non-Western background." Bet they didn't want to put which region or religion. Would have been too controversial.


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