Monday, January 31, 2011

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.

Read about 18 common work email mistakes.

Check out the truth about Facebook. (HT Tim Challies)

Check out the Fifty Fruits of Pride: A Self-Diagnostic. (HT Tim Challies)

Learn how to deal with pride in your life.

Read about Alveda King's plea for Planned Parenthood to stop lying about her uncle, Martin Luther the King.

Read about training your pet cat.

Read William Shedd on the divine decrees.

Read about the Houston store owner who killed 3 would-be robbers.

Read about the sexuality in Twilight, despite the abstinence.

Read about how different cultures handle credit cards.

Watch D.A. Carson give the central message of the Bible in 6.5 minutes.

Check out this collection of links honoring the 400th anniversary of the King James Version of the Holy Bible.

Check out John Piper's comments on nomenclature: Saying What You Believe Is Clearer Than Saying “Calvinist.”

Read about the woman who defended her home with a handgun after her husband had already been beaten and shot by two violent assailants.

Check out 20 things that became obsolete during the past decade.

Check out 20 Things That You Should Not Read If You Do Not Want To Become Very Angry.

Read about why Russell Moore thinks Facebook (and your church) could be making you sad.

Read Vern Poythress' free online commentary on Revelation entitled, The Returning King: A Guide to the Book of Revelation.

Read 7 Habits of Highly Frugal People.

Read Jerry Rankin (President Emeritus of International Mission Board) on the Sovereignty of God and the Gospel Mission.

Read Tim Keller on how to receive criticism.

Check out John Piper's great message on Race & the Cross.

Read Ron Paul on Gun Control and Violence.

Check out Christianity Today's 2011 book award winners.

Read Bob Kauflin's response to the question, "Should worship be fun?"

Read about the controversial Muslim cleric caught being smuggled into the US via Mexico.

Read Tullian Tchividjian's collection of "Gospel tweets."

Read about the felon lamenting he can't vote for gun control.

Read about the study revealing that 89% of networking is nonconsensual. (N.B. satire from The Onion)

Check out this call for an American Christian Reformation.

Read an argument that firearms rights are a gender equality issue too.

Read about 6 expenses you should never put on a credit card.

Read John Newton's thoughts on criticizing others in public.

Check out 40 celebrities who are Republican.

Read Topics for Conversation When a Man and a Woman Are Considering Marriage by John Piper.

Check out 15 gut check questions for leaders.

Read about Email Addiction: 5 Signs You Need Help.

Read about the woman who shot & killed the rapist who came back to rape her a second time.

Read about developing a theology of pastoral compensation.

Read this silly plea to never use 2 spaces after a period.
“I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure: which is: Try to please everybody.” -Herbert B. Swope



At 31 January, 2011 07:17, Blogger samurai said...

Thank you for the list to 'chew' on today... and probably for several more too.



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