Friday, December 03, 2010

You're killin' me, Smalls!

If I was before a congressional sports tribunal, I would repeatedly assert that, "I'm not here to talk about the present." This NFL season was over before it warmed up.

However, I am here to talk about the past, the NFL past. In particular, I can't hold my tongue after watching the NFL Network's Top 100 NFL players of all time.

The Top 10:
10. Dick Butkus, LB
9. Don Hutson, WR
8. Peyton Manning, QB
7. Reggie White, DE
6. Johnny Unitas, QB
5. Walter Payton, RB
4. Joe Montana, QB
3. Lawrence Taylor, LB
2. Jim Brown, RB
1. Jerry Rice, WR

Up front, I'm a Cowboys fan, but I found the list to be rather biased in an anti-Cowboys fashion.

The top Cowboy? Bob Lilly at #26. Emmitt Smith at #28.

Jerry Rice at #1?! Really? I'm not gonna argue that Emmitt should be in the top 10, but I will argue that if Rice is #1, then clearly Emmitt should be in the top 10.

Rice: Most receiving records ... over 18 years. Not a big surprise there. Emmit: Most rushing records ... over 14 years.

Rice & Emmitt ... both 3 Superbowl rings and both one Superbowl MVP. Emmitt: 1 NFL MVP. Rice: Zero. (Manning 4, and many others 3)

Yeah, but Emmitt had that great line! But, didn't Rice have some pretty decent QBs (namely, Hall of Famers Montana & Young)?

I'm not saying Emmitt should be #1, but #28? It seems to me that the criteria used to elevate Rice would naturally secure a high ranking for Emmitt, but clearly that wasn't the case.

Much of the top 10 didn't bother me, but that seemed a strange #1. Jim Brown would be my #1.

Anyone else feelin' me on Rice at #1?

FYI: Cowboys in the Top 100:
#26 Bob Lilly
#28 Emmitt Smith
#46 Roger Staubach
#62 Randy White
#77 Tony Dorsett
#80 Troy Aikman
#92 Michael Irvin
#95 Larry Allen

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At 03 December, 2010 21:43, Blogger Rev. said...

This list is BS - bogus slooge.

No way Rice is #1. Once I heard about the list being released, my thought was, "Who's #1?" Answer to self: "Jim Brown."

Butkus and Walter Payton in the Top 10 - definitely great choices. Manning is great... but above Staubach and Aikman? Both those guys have multiple SB rings. Staubach was the highest-rated QB in NFL history at the time of his retirement. And what about Elway, not to mention Marino? I like Peyton, but no way he belongs in the Top 10 above Emmitt Smith.

Emmitt deserves to be in the Top 10, without question.

Rice #1? Top 10, yes, but no way he's #1. Completely bogus.

At 09 December, 2010 18:39, Blogger Matt said...

Without looking at the list, I tried to predict the top 3. I said:

1. Montana
2. Rice
3. Walter Payton, Jim Brown, or Emmit Smith depending on what argument you want to make for the best RB.

I think you can argue those 3 RBs in a circle, but they all deserve top 10 status.

The thing about Rice is not just the number of records, but the distance between him and #2 on a lot of them.

No way Manning is top 10. Favre? Sure, he's awful now, but his consecutive starts streak is epic.

Where's Bradshaw?

At 09 December, 2010 23:00, Anonymous Glenn K. said...

"Your killin' me smalls!" it Star Wars The Clone Wars????

At 10 December, 2010 02:45, Blogger GUNNY said...

Glenn, that's from "The Sandlot," an outstanding baseball movie, even though it's still somewhat football season.

I can certainly be persuaded Rice is the best receiver or at least one could argue such, but I still can't see him at #1.

Matt, I was rather surprised to see Favre rated so low. Just last year he was the man in Minnesota at like what, age 40.

4 Superbowl rings gets my attentions, so I'm high on Montana and Bradshaw, even though I'm down on their teams.

Sure Staubach only got 2 rings, but what coach wouldn't have given a kidney or two to have him at the helm? Amen, Rev? Just think if he would have not spent his time in the Navy or if Coach Landry would have started him sooner, not that I'm in any way attempting to criticize the coach, mind you.


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