Monday, October 25, 2010

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.

Read about the misprint that put "Rich Whitey" on the ballot for Illinois governor in some precincts.

Read about the Trinitarian Theology of Keith Green.

Check out 30 Ways to Save 30 Minutes a Day.

Read "Why I am a black Tea Party patriot opposed to Barack Obama" by Lloyd Marcus.

Check out 10 Tips on How to Write Less Badly.

Read about how Plano, Texas, is the safest among the big cities in the US, according to Forbes.

Read about the peril in the Utopian plan of [only] "Taxing the Rich."

Read 7 Gun Control Myths & Facts.

Check out Christless Christianity: Getting in Christ's Way, an article by Michael Horton in Modern Reformation magazine.

Check out how you can be involved in Orphan Sunday.

Read Lionel Woods', "Why We Don't Homeschool."

Check out a smile inducing cartoon along with the proper approach to dealing with someone you've offended.

Read about how 38 black Republicans running for national office is the "most under reported story of the 2010 political season."

Read about Germany's Chancellor calling for immigrants to learn German and adopt Christians values in light of a "failed" attempt at a multi-cultural society.

Check out some Resources for Reformation Day.

Read "Is the Reformation Over?" by R.C. Sproul.

Read about Awesome Women of the Reformation.

Read about How the Reformation Changed the World.

Check out the series of articles on Luther & Marriage at The Resurgence.

Check out Luther on Sermon Length.

Check out a few of Luther's uncensored Table Talk thoughts of Jesus Christ courtesy of Chaplain Galyon.

Watch these 2 PBS documentaries on Martin Luther, "Driven to Defiance" and "Reluctant Revoluntionary."

Watch R.C. Sproul's great lecture, "The Insanity of Luther," part of the "Holiness of God" video series.

Read about the Saudi official who married a 12 year old girl and consummated the marriage a few months later. (N.B. This is sadly NOT an isolated event in the Muslim world.)

Read about the Colleyville Heritage girls who give up makeup for beauty's sake.

Check out a video clip about the "Triple Bypass Burger" at a Bellevue, Washington restaurant. (HT Jade)

Check out Top 10 Christian Biographies by Guy Davies.

Read about the court decision rendering no immunity to state troopers who arrested pro-life advocates.

Watch as Juan Williams explains his firing from NPR.

Read JC Watts' thoughts on why the Tea Party is on a roll.

Read Dr. Al Mohler's article, "Divorce--The Scandal of the Evangelical Conscience."

Read about the woman who used a crowbar to destroy the sexualized artwork of Jesus.

Check out these Outrages to Remember when voting on November 2nd.

Read about the phenomenon of those leading worship becoming tired of a song long before the congregation does.

Check out the story of an abducted 8 year old girl free because of a "Good Samaritan" getting involved, after providentially not going to work that day.

Read about what Charles Krauthammer calls "Obama Underappreciation Syndrome."

Read about the abortionist who brandished a handgun on pro-lifers.

Read Ryan Kelly's thoughts on being "missional," including 3 quality suggestions. (As an aside, I got to know Ryan at Oxford, where we shared the same adviser as we studied John Owen.)

Read about how Firearms Rights are a Gender Equality Issue too (i.e., handgun bans in particular are particularly sexist).

Read an attempt to change people's minds about Halloween, irrespective of the pagan roots of the holiday.

Watch the entirety of the 6 part God in America PBS series online. (HT Jade)

Read Haddon Robinson's answer to the question, "Should 'peace' be criteria for decision making?" courtesy of Chris Brauns.
"Cut out all those exclamation marks. An exclamation mark is like laughing at your own jokes."
— F. Scott Fitzgerald



At 31 October, 2010 16:51, Anonymous Clark Bunch said...

Thanks for the linkage (documentaries on Luther). All I know about Plano, TX is that's where Doritos come from. I will have to check in on you later.



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