Tuesday, July 06, 2010

This may sound like gibberish to you, but I think I'm in a tragedy.

Tony Dorsett ... Emmitt Smith ... Mike Modano?!

Mike Modano holds most NHL records for a US born hockey player and nearly all of those for the only team he's known, the Dallas Stars. After his 22nd season many thought he might have played his last game and might retire, though many fans hoped he would play at least one more season.

However, the Dallas Stars have decided that if he does play again, it won't be for the Dallas Stars. Mike Modano may follow in the footsteps of other Dallas greats (e.g., Tony Dorsett and Emmitt Smith) who finished their stellar careers with other teams.

None of that should have happened, not with Tony, Emmitt, and certainly not the face of the franchise, Mike Modano.

Reportedly, Mike Modano has stated that he still wants to play somewhere, assuming it's a good fit and the right situation. So, he was "upset and disappointed" to learn the news.

I could not be more upset with the management of the Stars and this tragedy. After all Modano's done, I bring him back to play goalie if that's what he wants.

To make matters worse, he's being pursued by the hated Red Wings.

At least Dorsett didn't go to the Redskins. At least Emmitt didn't don Eagles green.

It may be "3 strikes, you're out" for this Stars fan. I took it pretty hard when they let Brett Hull go ... to the Red Wings. I was even more distraught when they let my favorite player, Derrian Hatcher go ... to the Red Wings.

If #9 is wearing Wings Red, the Stars will be dead to me.

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At 06 July, 2010 06:46, Blogger Rev. said...

Just wrong. They should let him have his "victory lap" season.

At 06 July, 2010 09:13, Blogger Sean said...

Seeing as you're considering defecting from your state's hockey team, maybe you might consider switching your on-ice allegiance to your country as well. There is always room for another fan on the Canuck's bandwagon. I'm just saying...

At 06 July, 2010 09:28, Blogger etoc said...

Agree totally! Didn't want Hacker or Hull! Brett worked out okay (a bastard you grow to love when he's yours, I guess). But I'd puke if they hired Modano! Who cares if he's a local.

Steve "The Captain" Yzerman and the Red Wings are the model for how this should go. After 23 years together as the face of the franchise, both were intent on staying together. The Wings kept him on the team. Period. He accepted pay reductions that fit his diminished productivity. Then, he became a Vice President working on player development in the front office. It's only now, four years later, when it's clear that legendary GM Ken Holland will be staying for the long-haul, that he's leaving the Wings to play that role with the Lightning. I'm even tender about that! But at least his playing career finished the right way.

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